Steemmonsters and SBI giveaway #07

10개월 전

Welcome to my seventh steemmonsters card and SBI share giveaway. I'm getting a lot of cards I don't really use, so thought I may as well do some giveaways.

The winner will receive a card as well as one SBI (@steembasicincome) share!

Card on offer: giant roc level one.

Screen Shot 2019-01-26 at 07.47.30.png

Not a bad card actually: two abilities for a common card!


  1. Add in a comment to indicate you want to be in the contest - 'I'm in' will suffice.
  2. Tag another steemmonster player in your comment
  3. Resteem this post
  4. No upvote required but obviously appreciated
  5. I'll put all names into a random name picker to decide the winner.
  6. Deadline for entries is by the time this post pays out, or the first 20 entries, whichever is first.
  7. Winner will be sent the card via steemmonsters, from my main @revisesociology account within 24 hours of post payout, along with 1 SBI share.
  8. Obviously use the same username you use to play steemmonsters to make your comment!

Rationale behind the contest...

I figure it's a win-win situation - the winner gets a free card and I get small reward, which i can then use to buy the cards I actually want to improve my decks faster!

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Im in because @itisjustme mentioned me and I have enough giant roc😂 but who knows @hossainbd still need it😊


If i get it, hopefully it will work to combine next season, and I now have three two roc, who are just asleep😂
By the way, thanks @cicisaja for mention me😍

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im in @ninjascott
how about you @golemalric (random stranger who just beat me)

I'm in

@cicisaja, how about you?

I'm in

also friend @jafa

I'm in and @dboontje just started playing last Friday. He can use some cards to level up.


Hi congrats, you just won, I will forward the card from @revisesociology and the SBI share in a few mins!


Thank you very much!🎉🎉🎉

I'm In :D

Tagging @fitinfun