It was bound to happen, back to earth for Rewards Cards - But I did win a giveaway and leveled up!

5개월 전

The past two days have been.... well Average

I was hoping for the glorious run to continue, but here are my cards from the 9th.

Reward Card 1.9.19.JPGReward Card 1.9.19b.JPG

For the 10th I was hoping for a return to glory....

Reward Cards 1.10.19.pngReward Cards 1.10.19b.png

No very exciting - but they were free so, on we go to tomorrow!

I am still a Winner thanks to @SM-CARDS

Over here on this post They were giving away a card. I decided to give it a shot and I won. You bet!!! Who doesn't need another Flame Imp to level up! Thanks @sm-cards
Winning 1.9.19.png

I also managed to level up... in the best/worst way 🤣😁🤔

I was not doing well last night, and then happened. I had 3 people no show in a row. I was on a streak so I got double points.

  • +32
  • +48
  • +72

That's right - Right into Diamond II

I don't care - 65 reward cards I will take!!

That is all - another great day in the SteemMonsters world...
I was messing around with lineups trying things out and managed to get trucked by @methus.... I am going to pretend this was not so painful.

I will focus on getting back to basics, Silver and SBI soon. I know I have a few giveaways to find winners!!

Don't worry, I didn't forget. I will take a look and get those posts out when

Stack on!! ~Senstless~

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I got skunked today too, but I guess we cannot win them all. Haha!

Thank you for your continued support of SteemSilverGold


Saved... I need to get them all off my phone now...

Hy @senstless

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