Opening the 55 Packs I bought for the Halving Event! (Post 2)

2개월 전

I opned just one more pack.

I had enough potions and thought why not. I had gotten an ORB in my rewards yesterday and opened it. While I didn't get anything of note, just the one rare and 4 commons, no GF, it did get me in an opening mood.

Just One??

Ok, I was probably going to transfer some DEC over from SE, or buy some with credits, no way you can only open one pack right... but then I opened this!!

Screenshot 20200511 at 7.42.12 AM  Edited.png

Two Legnedary in one pack

Magnor is Gold Foil Too!!!

That right there folks is some @shoemanchu luck shining down on me.

I had to stop there honestly. No way I would be happy with any other pack I opened,they would all feel crappy compared to that sweet sweet gem.

That is only my 2nd GFL pulled from 1085 purchased packs (plus a few not counted from other sources/markets), and 1 GFL from an Orb. I have never pulled a GFL from rewards. How crazy is that, just thinking of the sheer number of cards I have flipped in a year and a half, and not one GFL... maybe tomorrow 😆

Keep up the grind - the rewards will come!


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