Steemmonsters card giveaway - GIANT ROC

6개월 전

Hello guys! I welcome you to my giveaway using steemfortune.
Every participant has a chance to win this steemmonsters card (lvl1):


How to enter the giveaway:

Simply add a small comment why you want to win this card or leave an upvote. Upvotes, resteems and follows are highly appreciated, but not necessary. I will collect all participants using my tool steemfortune.

What is Steemfortune?

It's a random picker that takes in the data from a post or the people you add to it manually and calculate a winner based on that.

This is the website where you can use it to run your own contests and aware people based on your posts resteems, upvotes, or comments.

What is Steemmonsters?

If you do not yet know what Steemmonsters is, I recommend you to read the official introduction post here. You wont regret ;) If you decide to join in, feel free to use my referral code.

When will the giveaway take place?

Within 7 days after this post I will use the tool to determine the winner. The winner must provide the account name to receive the gift within 3 days. Otherwise the card will be raffled again.

Thanks for reading & good luck everybody!

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GIANT ROC is good for battles with earthquakes)

All cards are good when you're trying to level up. 😊

Simple reason to participate is to upgrade my collection.
Upvoted and resteem also.

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I'm a noob and I don't have a lot of cards. so any additional cards are really helpful

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great monster with very important reach ability.. ;)

And the winner of this giveaway is @lukecreed!

Please comment down below with the accountname that should receive the card. Thanks for participating everybody and good luck next time!


@lukecreed you have one more day to provide the name of the SM account that should receive the card. Otherwise i have to raffle again...