Steemmonsters card giveaway - gold foiled undead minotaur & sea genie

9개월 전

Hello guys! I welcome you to my second giveaway using steemfortune.
This time I will giveaway two cards. Every participant has a chance to win this steemmonsters card:

Undead Minotaur

The Sea Genie belongs the whoever is beeing tagged by the winner in the comment section.

Sea Genie

How to enter the giveaway:

This time you will need to tag a friend. By tagging him, he has the chance to win the second card! Simply add a small comment & tag a buddy to enter the giveaway.
Upvotes, resteems and follows are highly appreciated, but not necessary.
I will collect all participants using my tool steemfortune.

What is Steemfortune?

It's a random picker that takes in the data from a post or the people you add to it manually and calculate a winner based on that.
This is the website where you can run your own contests and aware people based on your posts resteems, upvotes, or comments.

What is Steemmonsters?

If you do not yet know what Steemmonsters is, I recommend you to read the official introduction post here. If you decide to join in, feel free to use my referral code.

When will this giveaway take place?

Within 7 days after this post I will use the tool to determine the winner.

Resolution of the last giveaway - Frost giant

First I would like to thank the 124 participants who entered the last giveaway! Amazing :)
I recorded the raffle and here is the outcome:


Congrantulations to @publicumaurora , you won the giveaway! Please let me know the accountname I should gift the frost giant to.

Thanks for reading & good luck everybody!

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i will tag @reconnectnature ...he deserves to win the second card

Resolution of the giveaway

First I would like to thank all the participants who entered this time! I recorded the raffle and here is the outcome:


Congrantulations to @gillianpearce, you won the giveaway!
Please let me know the accountname I should gift the undead warrior to.

Also you tagged your buddy @lightningjohn, I need his SM accountname aswell to send him the sea genie.

You got 7 days to reply, if you dont manage to provide me the accountnames until 16.03.2019, I will redo the raffle.

Thanks for reading and good luck everybody :)


Thanks for the win @snackaholic. That's great news. 😁 The account names are the same as the Steemit names. Have a fun day!


I tag @simi - I know he is collecting some gold cards :)

Hi, @snackaholic!

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Really impressive cards
I am in with @priyanarc


yes it is..

I nominate @vanessazune2 returning the favor 😆

Thank you for the chance at winning gold. I'm going to tag @walloom since he kicked my arse last night.

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Gonna tag @holoz0r

He has been helpful to my noobie self.

I tag @lightningjohn to try an get him to start playing.

i am tagging 3 of the craziest SM investor :p

Thanks for that! I'll tag @schach


hey @publicumaurora, please let me know the accountname I should gift the frost giant to.


It has been additional 4 days, can you please tell me the name of the account i should send the frost giant to? you won the last giveaway my friend :D


Oh sorry, haven't seen. So my SM is same @publicumaurora :) Thanks!


Enjoy & thanks for participating :)


Got it! Goodie :)