Steem Monsters Fantasy Story and Music Contest - Week 7 - Entry

3년 전

My entry into the Steem Monsters Fantasy Story and Music Contest

Showdown at Dawn

A rooster started crowing on top of the compost heap, welcoming the first rays of the rising sun piercing through the orange tinted clouds. The air felt chilly against Geir’s skin. He was walking with a bucket in both hands to the well in the center of the village. Quite a few villagers were already up and about, and a Peacebringer in worn clothes was asking for handouts by the roadside shrine. Geir walked past him, not paying attention to him staring in front of his feet instead. His old man used to say these folk are nothing but trouble. Walking past the tavern he peered over the fence to see the empty tables with the burnt candles in their trays. Too bad he had no coins to rub together, he would have liked to get a jug of milk and a few pretzels for breakfast, he got rather tired of eating porridge every day. He sighed as he put one bucket down by the side of the well. He lifted up the other and hooked it on the rope. He lazily turned the crank to lower the bucket down, watching the sleepy village slowly come to life as more of the village folk appeared from their doors, some already dressed for work, some in their nightgowns only getting a taste of fresh air, stretching and yawning at the rising sun. Geir yawned too, but he was suddenly startled by a commotion coming from the tavern, the sound of a wooden door bursting open and armored feet thumping on the ground. Leah the tavern maid ran out to the street tripping and falling on her knees. She was closely followed by two Silvershield Warriors with menacing spears in hand. They towered over the tavern maid pointing their spears at her neck and chest. Geir stared with wide eyes as he turned the crank this time as fast as he could.

“Where is my purse? Where did you put it wench?” One of the armored fiends boomed at her in anger.

“I swear sirs I didn’t take it!” She cried in a trembling voice.

“Don’t you lie to us filthy peasant, you must have took it while we slept. It’s your last chance to hand it over.” The spears came closer, pinning her down.

“Please, I wouldn’t dare rob from the silvershield, you got to believe me.” Her voice was faint and course with the spearhead at her throat.

“We’ll just have to search your dead body th...hrrll” blood gushed forth from the warriors throat as a throwing knife pierced it. A second one soon followed straight into his right eye.

The bucket fell back into the well as Geir let go of the handle, his heart was racing, he crouched down hugging the side of the well. He saw the Peacebringer step forward throwing knives balanced in each hand.

“You’ll regret this cur!” The other Warrior shouted, stepping over the body of his fallen companion, he charged with his spear leveled. A knife found its way between the armor plates, but that didn’t slow him down, he lunged at the Peacebringer piercing his left shoulder. The peacebringer grabbed onto the spear and tugged on it with all his weight causing the Warrior to fall face forward, he was quickly kneeling on his back lifting his helmet and with a quick blade to the back of the neck he finished him off.

The Peacebringer dusted himself off, straightened up, and walked over to the tavern maid still lying in shock, he reached into his purse and dropped two coins in her palm.

Geir noticed there were three purses hanging from his belt.

by soma.unony who knows that those desiring peace, must be ready for war.

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