Steem Monsters Battling with @clove71!

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Beta summoners are really a hot commodity now! I knew the Beta Neutrals made a big difference and I was trying to get them and level up from the start as well as the summoners. I thought if I gradually got the cards little by little that would be way easier than to get them all at the last minute when battles started! You can still just concentrate on one or two teams from different or the same splinter and level up that way as well. It is so cool to be in the Steem Monsters battling arena and see all the other people from the Monsters Community! I actually really love it when some people get a nice big 62+ points or so gained from winning against me! That is cool! I have always loved the community here and believe it will really take over the STEEM blockchain even more than it already has!
Watch a Steem Monsters battle with The Demon!

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Have you heard about the rewards of free Steem Monster booster packs you can win if you make it to the higher levels? There are reward levels starting from the Bronze rating of 100-999 gets between 1-3 booster packs depending on rating. The higher the rating, the more packs you win! For the Silver levels you can get between 4-6 packs and the Gold levels between 7-9 booster packs! The Diamond levels have 10-16 booster packs! If you are a real champ then go for the Champion levels where you can win from 20 to 30 booster packs! To find it, go log on to and go to your leaderboard area and look in the top right corner for rewards information. This is a great incentive as you could open up a huge surprise and get a very valuable card! Plus, it is simply the best fun you could have and so many people love Steem Monsters so you will find a match in the arena! I hope to see you all there soon!
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I love this great chart featuring all the top players in every level by @trisquelwhare Thanks!

Do you like a lot of great Steem Monsters in your feed? If so, go follow the great @trisquelwhare and you can see things like the awesome chart he made above for @thecontestkings for Steem Monsters top Steem Monster players! He is a wonderful and has always been around doing a lot of Steem Monsters related things and helping out new people as well. I love this! A big shout out to all the levels of Steem Monsters players here as we are all one big, great Steem Monster community! I am happy you are all here and look forward to seeing you all in the arena! Steem Monsters to the moon and as yabapmatt told us, we are all going to the same moon!

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May the Monsters be with you.

Chris Love @clove71
Steem Monsters Rep.

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Good advice about new summoners!

Always stunned by the cards reached up to 6 lvl or above, that's implied a huge input to get the cards. I'm in doubt I will do that, LOL.

Congratulations for being one of the top players @clove71

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Yes, indeed, in theory I know very well that the new mana-2-summoners can be very useful. Unfortunately they cannot summon alpha edition monsters, and I simply lack SBD to buy and uplevel all the necessary beta cards. For now I just have to accept that you always beat my teams. :)

By the way, when exactly does the season end, so that one can get some extra booster packs?


It has just ended so you should refresh your screen and they will be there.

It's me again! :)
I just got a strange error message:

When starting a battle I got the message that my team was over the mana cap of 20, however, Selenia Sky, Silvershield Paladin, Angel Of Light and Gold Dragon, which I wanted to use, have exactly a mana sum of 20 together.

Edit: it seems there are some problems at the moment: I had a Silvershield Paladin at max level, but now it has fallen back to level 3! I wonder what happened?


Same happend to me mine dropped from 4 to 2, also i noticed my silvershield knight went from level 6 to nearly level 8...???


Now it seems to work again in my case ...


Yeah same here. Talked to one of the guys on discord he was aware and it was patched real quick

it's a great way to waste a few mins here and there LOL
I only get to do a nightly run trying to win more cards - i had to go do some quick scalp trades just to support the habit ;)


That is cool, have fun when you have time to! :-)

I've been having fun with Steem Monsters too. My last 2 quests were to use the Blue splinter which I thought was my weakest one. I actually did okay after switching out a few monsters for neutral ones. I don't have a good enough summoner and zero gold cards for blue so it was a bit touch and go for a while. Look forward to a fun season of it though.


Aww thanks for the shoutout, @clove71. I would have loved to refresh that chart for you, but I'm afraid it is a bit of a one-of-a-kind at the moment. After I created that one, I found a limitation in Google Sheets which I hadn't noticed before, and now every time I try to update that particular spreadsheet I get an error saying that I am basically consuming too much bandwidth for Google, haha. I do a similar spreadsheet regularly for the @ContestKings SteemMonsters Guild, but that is currently just less than 50 players. Trying to iterate over all the SteemMonsters players out there is quite a different proposition, as far as Google Sheets is concerned.

I'm sure that our Yabapmatt will come up with a solution which doesn't involve Google, and which provides the information that I have here, directly from within the main SteemMonsters user interface. Or perhaps the ingenious folks at @PeakMonsters will come up with something like this. Providing "after-market" data and statistics seems to be their forté.

In the meantime though, anyone who craves this type of information, and linegraphs showing your own progress (as exemplified below) can join the @ContestKings SteemMonsters Guild, from the link in my footer below.

🙚   SteemMonsters:Site   • Discord   • Contest Kings Guild!   |   • Discord   |   Chibera:   • Site   • Discord   🙘

awesome update and i have been loving season one- ending at gold 1, way better than i thought i could do with the cards i have! i agree about using the neutrals- they're like wild cards :) i especially love the defenseless though life-full peaceful giant :) thanks, clove!


Yes, I was hesitant at first but realized I needed them lol! :-)

I have a question. So I reached 4400 points and my account said I was to receive 30 beta packs tonight. I clicked on my acct and it said to click here to claim 30 packs.....but it only rewarded me 25. Anyone else have this issue?

battling with the fire demon yesssssss!!!! :) chris...thanks for all the great links. i followed those accounts. re steemed!!!!!!!!

I bought a few packs after being told it was a good investment, but now despite my original indifference, I find myself getting into it. Fun game. Now if I can just draft some good nature cards to use in the current daily quest...