Alpha Sold Out!!! See you in the Beta (sneak peek inside)

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And of course. A giant thank you from the Steem Monsters team. I'm really excited for what we are unleashing here!

Screen Shot 2018-09-11 at 6.15.06 PM.png

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Trying to get on the beta train early like


Hmm may soon be time to take those alphas off the market :p

Wow, 300,000 packs! Who would have thought! People couldn't get enough. I never could get $5.00 in steem together to buy the starter pack, so I wasn't able to buy the $2.00 boosters either. Oh, well. Maybe the price of Steem will rise and those of us who missed out will be able to get some Beta cards. Congrats to everyone who was involved in making SteemMonsters!

Those last few thousand packs went fast ... I seen 8000 .... refreshed page 2000 ... bought 24 packs and then when my transaction was over ... 0 packs left. ... Amazing ..... those new cards look cool.

Wow that was super fast big congratulation @steemmonsters what a great community we have!!!

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Glad I got 110 packs today!! Amazing! Excited to see beta roll out!


Exactly don't open them.


@joeparys get many if any gold foil legendaries in 110 packs?

That went mindblowingly fast. Whoa! Congratz to EVERYONE who is part of this! \o/

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That went quick! I'm glad I got some more yesterday. I guess I will need to buy my missing legendary on the market!

I have been very lucky to grab 500 of the remaining pre-sale packs.
When I saw only 6000 packs left, the FOMO kicked in !!!

Boom! That last 100K just flew off the proverbial shelves. How does this impact the Kickstarter bundles that include Alpha Packs?

Congratulations. Seems like the hype train around this project is rollin' along quite nicely. Looking forward to the Beta release!

Wow, congratulations on the selling out of the Alpha Edition cards, and I'm looking forward to seeing what comes out with the Beta Edition packs. Is that a new Splinter that I see for the Cyclops, or just a different symbol for the Blue / Azmare Islands  Splinter? Mysterious!

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How do you like this Cyclops! lol!

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Damn that's scary! #helookshungry

...the King is dead......Long live the King!!!!!
...congratulations guys!!!

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Congrats! This is amazing news!

300k packs sold!! 👌🏻 Pumped to see the new Beta cards 🤪

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Are these two cards neutrals?

"These probably won't last until midnight eastern."

30 minutes later. :D Congrats Steem Monsters!

That's insane, cannot wait for the future :)

Congrats, but when we can start playing?

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I'm glad they sold out it's really awesome for @steemmonsters @aggroed and @yabapmatt , I love some of the new Beta cards, very cool!! I'm not glad though that in the last couple weeks only people with a lot of money to buy hundreds of packs at once or pledge tons of money to the Kick starter or were able to afford going to these conferences and shows were the only ones that really had a chance at getting a Gold Legendary card. (Unless you were very lucky like a select few out of thousands ) The rest of us that blew through all our Steem we powered down because we're all ready broke, had no chance to get any of the special cards handed out either at the special events. There were also no more contests to win booster packs near the end unless your a writer or an artist. So really only a select group of people with big pockets did really well , I bought hundreds of cards and never got one Gold legendary and only a couple of normal legendary cards, like the majority of us. Don't get me wrong , not complaining at all, just saying...🙄 I love Steem Monsters and can't wait for the battles to begin!👍😊👿👹👾💀👻

Muy bueno :D

I can't believe how far we have reached in such a low amount of time, and fighting is almost here!

This is incredible 🤯😭

I have the original beta cards... do I need the alpha cards now ?

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