Beta Gold Foil Legendary Daily Quest Giveaway!

2년 전

We bought 4 Beta Gold Foil Legendaries and we are giving them all away!

We'll be giving the first one away on November 2nd!

How to Enter

In order to have a chance to win, you need to complete a Daily Quest.
Winning a Daily Quest will be your raffle ticket to enter the contest.

1 raffle ticket = 1 completed Daily Quest
You can earn up to 7 raffle tickets on a single account!

We will be choosing a random winner from all those who have won a Daily Quest.

The winner will receive 1 Beta Gold Foil Legendary of their choice!

Good Luck and may the Daily Quests be ever in your favor!

Thank you for your continued support!

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Official Account: @steemmonsters

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This is exciting! It would be amazing to win a foil Selenia Sky to use for my battles! The only problem with this dream scenario is that I won't have another $1000 to level her up :P

WOW! Nice! Another great reason to play the quests!

Does anyone can tell me please when the season 1 ends exactly? Seem to have some bugs with the season counter (not working for me)

It just keeps getting better!

Woot got 1 raffle ticket haha :)

I Completed my Quest with the Water Splinter Early This Morning so That Means this Pirate is In on the GOLD.....Well it is #PirateSunday on Steemit and We Love Pillaging and Plundering !! Thank you @steemmonsters........

how do I lvl up my cards? by playing unranked maybe? does anyone ever even play unranked?


The only way to level up your cards is by combining them. There's no way to earn XP by playing right now.

I won a daily quest before this post was made?

Does this count?

Thank you for this opportunity.

wow .,amzing
daily quest done

Thank you very much @steemmonsters

What's the point of the gold foil cards when you can't fight with them?

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Uhm, you can definitely fight with them. Just click on the "Gold Cards" on filter setting when creating a deck to play it.

I’m currently battling! 😂

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Me too! The queue is really quick now, so I think this motivated a lot of people ;)

WOW! Steem Monsters is just TOO AWESOME!
Cerberus (854px, 23.976fps).gif

Oh yeah, time to rumbles Steemmonstersians!

Awesome contest to motivate us to play more. There is not enough hours to in the day to fit my game play.

what a great initiative to play more and get the daily quest done. Nice job!

And when I thought the initial incentives to play the game couldn't be better... you surprise again! Thank you!

WOW ... Nice Contest.

Steem-Monsters does plenty of paying it forward to its community. I happy to be an early adapter to this game. Keep up the great work @steem-monsters team !


What an amazing contest! :-) I'm with you- love the community here!

I like this! Everyone has an equal shot at winning these gold foil's!


Everyone has an equal shot at winning these gold foil's!

Assuming that people don't create lots and lots of accounts to farm daily quests that is.


Awesome, simply awesome. Good luck all Monster Mavericks!

Awesome! The fact that you made a way for new and small users to gain access to booster packs with the new quest system and ranking system demonstrates your commitment to the future of the game which also continues to be fun and dynamic. I guess this is the cherry on top! Thanks!


Yes! I love all the different levels and rewards - so great! :-)


This is just the beginning! :)

  ·  2년 전

Doing my quest now... Gibz the gold. :D

Oh, that is so cool! I've got three tickets in this contest already then, having completed...

  • Stir the Volcano
  • Defend the Borders
  • Lyanna's Call 2 November I should easily have the final 4 under my belt as well! You might like to specify a time for the cutoff, including timezone. I'll be assuming that the cutoff is 2-Nov in some American timezone, and not in my local timezone, which is currently GMT+13 (NZDT), and which would essentially give me 13hrs less to complete this than many people here, if it were based on my timezone.

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wow i'm in

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Fingers Xd then... won my 10 with the 'death squad'.

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I've completed the quests everyday the past few days. Gotta get the free pack, after all.