Heads up! 56k pack left! Kickstarter second boss is up. USD purchases back online!

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Sunday is a family day and I'm working with my family to make some Steem Monsters themed onesies, but crypto news never stops. I'm taking a small break from family time to bring you this important update!


56,000 packs left

We adjusted the number as we mentioned in the last update post, and people have also been buying a ton.
We're down to the last 56,000 packs in the alpha!
I highly doubt these will make it to next weekend. We'll see. When they are sold out, any kickstarter/fundition tier will have current rewards capped, and all of them will be replaced with beta card packs.


Second Kickstarter Boss

We collectively have a few days to make some sweet homemade Steem Monsters gear. We need 30 pieces of clothing altered to be Steem Monsters themed and you need to put those pieces on display at the Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/officialsteemmonsters

The kickstarter is at 90% funding from 158 backers. We're easily on target to reach the financial goal, but we're looking to keep bringing new players into the game. Please help us, and if you get a new person willing to play come talk to @aggroed about it in the Steem Monsters Discord!

If we get that done we'll beat the level 2 boss and increase the daily tournament rewards pool to $20.


Yabapmatt is a ninja

We got an unexpected termination of service from Stripe. He's integrated Paypal as a new payment processor. We're accepting USD for card pack purchases. Get'm while you can people.

We're selling at lest 7k packs a day (without USD sales). These aren't going to last very long at all.


Visit the Steem Monsters Kickstarter and Become a Backer!!!

Thank you for your continued support!

Steem Monsters Contact Info

Official Account: @steemmonsters
Website: https://steemmonsters.com
Discord: https://discord.gg/CAFJRjY

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The cards are being sold quicker than I had expected... Suweet :)

Excellent work @yabapmatt thank you!

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I don't have single pack... :/

If I could...I would buy everything.


lol me too


Lol me three

91 Dollars to go on Kickstarter !!!!

Please hurry with the Fundition campaign :p

I would love to uy everything.

Am I to understand that present kick-starter rewards that are currently pledged and include Alpha packs will remain Alpha packs . . . and future pledges will include
Beta packs instead of Alpha pacts?

I just want to be clear.


if they say alpha they are alpha. If we run out of alpha we'll make new tiers that are the same rewards except beta (this doesn't include the early bird low price options).


Thank you, Aggroed.

its very nice yehh

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Hehe, just motivated me to buy another pack :)) I am a total fan now!

I hope the alpha packs will be available for the fundition tiers...because I only have cryptos to spent right now.

Maybe I'll buy a couple more booster packs today! Can't miss this opportunity!

Congratulations for the huge success!

That is amazing!!............

You guys rock the socks of my feet with this tempo! I still need to get my tickets to SF3! xD Please take it easy!!!

Besides the whining, you rock, and I am happy to witness something so cool be born, grow, and later blow our minds again, and again, and again!

Artakush plays cards in the bush...

I am so excited ! Let us fight ! :)

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SM-based onesies. Now theirs an idea. I'd ask for one but, first, my wife would ask me why I didn't ask her to make it for me, and secondly, she'd divorce me for wearing it, which is why I wouldn't ask her to make it for me. I love the idea, though. I guess I'll have to pass on ordering one.

Hi, leider wurde eine Transaktion nicht korrekt durchgeführt.
Ich habe im Monstermarkt vorgestern 3 Golddrachen gekauft und nur einen bekommen!
Ich hatte in einem Post gelesen, dass ihr hinter den Blöcken seit und eine Korrektur erfolgt!
Nun sind es schon zwei Tage! Bitte prüft einmal! Vielen Dank.

I wanna own them all. But wishes aren't horses. 🤖

Love !Steem Monsters!

Going through this post, it hit me like a rock that game modding is still a thing and this just reminded me of Dragon city mod apk


i am just go with the dragon city but another man who tells me about score hero mod apk. This games blast the other apps. try to play this game.

Guess I'll Die

I was wondering, is there any huge difference between alpha packs and beta packs?

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Need to get myself some more packs before it’s too late but its tough to decide on buying more Steem or more packs!

There are about 53k alpha packs left, not bad this development! The packs go away like hot loaf


10 hours later we are down to 47K packs.


I am waiting for more steemmakers !!♥♥♥

I like your post USD purchases back online. The post is very helpful for people working in crypto and such other fields.