Steem Monsters Gives Back to the Community with a 200K Curation Account!

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Steem Monsters Gives Back to the Community with a 200K Curation Account!

Steem Monsters has powered up 200,000 Steem!

Three short months ago, Steem Monsters launched and the response has been incredible!

As we inch closer to the release of Battles and Gameplay, we've decided to give back to the community by powering up 200K Steem!

We will be using this whale account daily to curate Steem Monsters related posts!

Introducing Sm-Voter!

We have implemented an upvote room in the Steem Monsters Discord which is similar to the one in the Minnow Support Palnet Discord.
@danielsaori created a modified version of the minnowsupport bot which is called sm-voter.

Anyone who has purchased Steem Monsters Starter/Booster packs can use sm-voter to upvote one Steem Monsters related post per day!

Once you register in the Steem Monsters Discord, you will be able to use the sm-voter upvote function in the Steem Monsters Discord upvote channel.

Our curation team will also be keeping their eyes out for great Steem Monsters related posts that use the #steemmonsters tag.

Thank you for helping the Steem Monsters community grow!

Are you a Maverick??

Steem Monsters Mavericks are Steemians who have purchased 500+ packs of Steem Monsters cards!

Steem Monsters Mavericks will have access to use sm-voter to upvote one Steem Monsters related post a day at a higher percentage.
They can upvote one of their own Steem Monsters posts or they can also upvote another community member's post!

When you register in the Steem Monsters Discord, access will be granted once you hit 500 packs!

Thank You!

This is our way of showing our appreciation for everyone who has helped Steem Monsters grow!

We look forward to creating more initiatives to work with and give back to this awesome Steemit community!

Visit the Steem Monsters Kickstarter and Become a Backer!!!

Visit the Steem Monsters Fundition and Become a Backer!!!

Steem Monsters Contact Info

Official Account: @steemmonsters

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I wondered what you guys were cookin' up when I saw you on @penguinpablo's stats for large power-ups! That's awesome.

I'm so happy for the wild success of this project and the full funding of the Kickstarter. Now I hope we can reach some of those flex goals! Keep up all the fantastic work and I can't wait for the game proper to be released :-D


+1 ! Keep up the good work !

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that is amazing guys, keep up the good work and show the world what the steem blockchain can do!


Total awesomeness #steemmonsters ! Love Steem Monsters , its going to be Epic ! 👊💕👹👺👾💀


Oooh nice pic Karen!


Glad you like it thanks!😀

Woot now were cooking ^^ also how do we check our purchased pack totals kind of curious.


i followed u


I’m wondering how many packs I bought total! I lost count 😂


You can give the commands in Discord -it is $packs stackin also $stats stackin that is cool shows you cards,etc. of yours. the BCX. .. ok i just checked for you and you are at 286 packs right now! :-)

Misspelled @danielsauri It should be @danielsaori I believe!

YOU GUYS have NO idea how excited I am! Seriously!

Steemmonsters just rocks and gives so much back to its community, great work guys!!!

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That's a hefty contribution.

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That's awesome! Look forward to playing!

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Excellent initiative. I congratulate you

thats awesome - i dont have a lot of time to spare - but i try to keep up and upvote when i can ;)

Now that's some positive action unfolding I love it! Bring on the tournament's!

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This is great! @steemmonsters is one of the subjects I've been writing about the most lately. I've just managed to get my starter pack a few days ago, so I believe I can use the bot. I'm not much into Discord (or chat programs in general), but I'm eager to try out @danielsaori's new creation :D .

Edit: thanks to some annoying accessibility issues of the Discord web app, it took me a while to find my way to the Steem Monsters Voter room on Discord and register, but I was able to use the bot successfully. Worked like a charm! And wow, that was a nice upvote!

How many hours is the cooldown period? Is it 30 hours like MSP or is it different?


The cooldown is 24 hours :)


Ah, okay, thank you!

This project is exactly what STEEM needs. I hope other projects follow the example of what is seen here!

Wow. You guys just keep surprising! More and more I think Steemmonsters are going to be huge! Thank you for the community support!

I'm not clear on how to use the sm-voter. Yes I have packs 8-)


You just need to register in the Steem Monsters Discord.

Increíble, espero que también curen las publicaciones de los concursos. Estaré más atento!

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Wow, this is awesome news!
Now we just need Beta Booster to be released so we can spend our post payouts :-P

Congrats. Awesome news! Love it.

Anyone who has purchased Steem Monsters Starter/Booster packs can use sm-voter to upvote one Steem Monsters related post per day!

I've purchased Steem Monsters packs with my main account @steemmonsters. however, it wouldn't be appropriate to write Steem Monster posts there.

Can I use my other account (that doesn't won the monsters) and get an upvote there.

I am waiting for my Kick Starter account which I will dedicate to Steem Monsters but in the meantime I'd like to be able to write some posts.

Oooh, awesome. This is a fun addition for anyone creating posts related to Steem Monsters. It also gives more incentive for us to continue to spread the word and talk about Steem Monsters! :)

Awesome. You all are awesome! 😁

Great news ! I am definitely going to use it !

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this is the great news friend...

@sm-voter didn't worked on my post even I have registered with you on discord. Any suggestions?
Here is my post link

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Discord activity shows that you have registered, but it doesn't show that you tried to upvote. Try again. If it doesn't work then contact a mod in Discord, thanks.


Hi!! :-) You can go to this channel here in Discord-in the upvote room- The command is $upvote


Thanks for your Help @clove71 I just realized that I missed the $ it works perfectly fine.

Can we get a counter on the SM webpage that tells us our Monster Maverick progression? So if I've purchased 100 packs it would say 100/ 500 until Maverick.... Something along those lines. Goals help motivate people to take direct action to make those things happen. In this case buying packs.

I love this project, I wish you much success, thanks for such a wonderful initiative, I will continue to give you my support with more encouragement.

Very cool. I have been using this upvote bot to support my giveaway post so has come in very handy. Also it should keep people posting and spreading the word.

Thanks! When will the tournament's begin?

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The growth of SteemMonsters here and in the other social media channels is really a wonderful thing to behold. Unfortunately I'm not a Maverick because I couldn't afford the 500 pack deal but I bought what I could and share out the monster message where I can. The sm-voter tag is an amazing initiative to give back to the community. You guys are awesome.

Congratulations to the @steemmonsters team!
Great project from the start and now with this customer support gives more confidence.
Successes for all!

I never receive my packs from steem post that I repost upvote comment...but all good...


I clearly need to learn more about how Steem and delegations and vesting shares work. I checked first for the @sm-voter account, expecting to find a "whale" image there in the centre, but it is still only a "minnow" icon. Then I had a look at expecting to see a huge amount of Vote Weight for the @sm-voter account, but it was still showing as only 15SP, less than one would get if the account had've been created by with their automatic delegation. Then I took a look down the left column in Steemd and compared it to my own, and I can't see anything outstanding in there that would indicate that this account is a whale, except maybe that the bandwidth is a heck of a lot higher than mine. Can someone please help me to understand this? Sorry, I'm still relatively new on the Steem blockchain, and I really would like to understand more of what is going on. Thanks.

🙚   SteemMonsters:Site   • Discord   • Contest Kings Guild!   |   • Discord   |   Chibera:   • Site   • Discord   🙘


From what I understand @sm-voter is the bot @trisquelwhare. The mechanics needed to automate the voting.

The votes themselves will actually come from the @steemmonsters account. 😊


Ah, and the penny drops! Thank you @gillianpearce, that makes much more sense to me now. Of course! There's the whale, the @steemmonsters account shows as an "orca" icon in SteemItBoard, and that Voting Weight of 200,714 SP in Steemd for @steemmonsters is unmistakable too. Gosh, I can be so dense sometimes, haha. Thanks again for helping me to understand.


Well it's very nice to be able to help out for a change @trisquelwhare. It's usually me asking the questions, as least as far as Steem Monsteris concerned.

It takes a while to get your head around all the voting, curation and delegation stuff. At least it did me. 😁