Steem Monsters Market, Collection, and Lore Update!

4년 전

The Steem Monsters team is happy to announce that we've updated the user interface for Steem Monsters. We're trying to make it as easy as ever to buy, trade, and manage your collection, and as engaging as ever.

Market Screen

Through the new UI you can get some great convenience.

You can choose a single, multiple or all editions of a card to view.

You can choose to view standard foil, gold foil, or both foil types.

You can choose one, some, or all of the splinters.

You can choose summoners, monsters or both.

At the top left is the lowest price of a card. At the top right is the total circulating supply. Also in the top right of a card is how many are for sale on the market.

You can now view the 24hr volume. At the time of writing, we've had 2,637 sales for $1,500 in the past 24 hours.

Per card view

If you click into a card you can see more useful information.

You can see the total circulating supply. You can choose between edition type. You can choose between foil type.

You can sort between various ways to see the prices of cards.

You can choose which currency you'd like to pay.


That's right! We've entered a new era for Steem Monsters where you can purchase more than 1 card at once on the market (without using 3rd party tools). Click into the first card and then shift-click further down to grab more. You can't get more than 45 cards. that's a blockchain limitation for transfer memo size limit and not just a UI fix we can roll out.


While looking at a card click into "Stats"

In this case, you can see a chart that shows the level of Malric, how many cards it takes to get Malric to that level, and then at that level how strong of a monster can he summon.


I can't tell you how stoked I am for this. I've thought for years that so many people just get sucked into the Lore of these games. The richer the history and the more that the players learn it all and immerse themselves in it. Expect a lot more to come from our amazing loremasters @carrieallen and @chrisroberts in the near future!

Collection Screen

The collection screen has a similar interface now.

I can view all my types of cards separately based on edition, foil, rarity, splinter, and type.

I can sort them clicking through the Splinter drop down.

I can sort based on owning them or leasing them.

I can choose a different player and see their collection.

More granular into the Collection Screen

If I click into a card in my collection I can see the cards I own, easily combine them. See how many more I need to level them up, and see their estimated value based on recent market activity.

There are icons to convert alpha to beta, combine cards, transfer/gift cards, sell cards, or delegate cards.

If I click on "FOR SALE"

It'll show me a list of the cards for sale on the market and I can now easily buy them straight from the collection screen as well as the market screen!

We're constantly working on improving this game!

We hope you like these changes and that they make buying, selling, trading, leasing, and learning about the cards easier than ever!

Coming soonish!

We're working hard on harnessing the immense power of the Dark Energy Crystals. Soon (1-2 months) we expect to have an in-game currency token available for players. Each time you win a match not only will it help you complete your quest but you'll win DEC. Every match you win will earn you tokens. Stay tuned for more details about how DEC will work and what types of things you will be able to purchase with them!

Thank you for your continued support!

Steem Monsters Contact Info:


Steem Monsters Website

Steem Monsters Discord

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I like the new screen.. excellent design and very functional!

Would love to search the market by ability. See very card that has inspire, no matter the splinter.

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Great idea

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Nice to hear that DEC will be implemented so soon. That will encourage to people to play more battles, apart of the daily quests.


Great changes! In particular displaying base card eXperience and being able to sort by $/BCX makes searching the market for deals so much easier.

I feel that my free time will end as soon as DEC appear.

I am happy that this game is alive and in continue improvement.
An happy new player

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I started playing the game yesterday and I absolutely love it, I can't stop playing. Super great job!

Such a good Update!
It lifts the usability of the game on a whole new level!
Thank you so much :)


OMG A wish came just true!
Thanks for that! ♥

Really nice update I love the new UI and Lore, I'm stoked!
What, I would love to see in future updates would be a "Training Bot" where I can set all the battle rules, mana cap and Teams by myself. I want to simulate every variety of Battle Situation with that Bot.
Are there any plans or thoughts on creating that?
It would be a great feature for everybody to enhance playing skillz.

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I have raised this, I hope that in the future it will be possible to train :)

  ·  4년 전

Great one, as always!
Any plans for marketing?

i like the update! i noticed it a few days ago and it's a great new interface with more features :)

Looks good! Can’t wait for DeX! 😎

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Wow STEEM MONSTERS looks more and more better than ever with the new user friendly interface we will have a great experience while playing !! Good job guys !

My respects, I have loved the changes, they are beautiful. We want DEC! we want DEC! :)
I am attentive to the publications on the DEC.

It looks much, much better than the previous version!

That estimated value next to our card is an awesome addition to the interface.

Keep up the good work !

Beutiful! I waiting for app SM😉

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The UI update here is okay 👌that’s an evidence of serious care from your dev team. We appreciate this @steemmonsters

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You might want to look at your recommended price code. It doesn't seem like it's quite right, and recommends a lower price than might necessarily be wise for many cards. While a highly upgraded card might be sold for a lower price per card...that price should probably not be used for the recommendation of price for all cards. It's probably not wise to go by that number the way it is now. You often still have to keep another tab open on the market to check the prices on the market.

I would probably make the recommendation of price based on the $/BCX of similar levels, or just slightly below the $/BCX of the lowest lvl 1.

The current way might end up driving down the market a bit...but will definately sell the cards quickly likely, as they're probably lower than they need to be offered to sell them that quickly.

Perhaps it would be good to add a list of the cards on the market on the card page, so people know what they're going for, can buy a card if it's low, or know what to list their card for, without taking the very low recommendation.

Additionally, something that might save time and effort would be the ability to type in $/BCX and have it calculate the price. This would save some annoyance of calculating it in your head or opening up a calculator.

Started playing steemmonsters a few days ago. It reminds me to a mix of Magic, Hearthstone and Clash Royale, I'm glad about your next updates, in particular about market changes.
So also this game will have his token, hype over 9k :D

All round excellent updates! Adding more and more functionality, particularly like the updates to the market [this should bring you more sales through the native market], and the Lore added to the cards, amazing! Keep up the good work!

Looks great, I just wish I could press next and go to my next monster in my collection. It takes too long going back to collection and scrolling down to the next one.

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I'd love to see DEC have a dividend for Steem, like the way it works in Magic Dice.

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It took me a couple of minutes to get used to it, and now love the new interface. The numbers of cards to level up is of great value, but I think including some of the lore was my favorite move!

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Wow! Great updates!!

Very intuitive UI, but is there a guide or tooltip present that explains their special abilities if they have any?


i second that - it would be great to be able to hover over their abilities and get a small description of what they mean.