Steem Monsters Update - Site update! Stats available!

3년 전

Site Release!

The anticipation of this game is palpable. We sold over 10k booster packs just this week! We know you guys are going monster crazy, and we're here to help you Feed the Burn!

We've been talking about game mechanics and stats that are coming for a while, but today they're here! If you visit the website you'll notice that the site has been updated and redesigned! It's looking gorgeous!

On top of looking gorgeous we now have all the stats and abilities displayed on the cards. The card interface will show you the stats for the card at it's current level. If you click into the card and click "stats" you'll see what stat and ability increases the cards will get as they level up.

  • If you want an overview of the abilities Check This Out

  • If you'd like the in depth conversation about gameplay and stats then visit This Video where Yaba and Aggroed talk stats and mechanics for 2 hours.

Please keep in mind that all stats, abilities, gameplay mechanics, and pretty much everything is subject to change. Creating a fun and balanced game is our top priority and we will not hestitate to make changes to achieve that goal.

Fighting coming "soon"

We've already had some fights occurring on the backend and we're testing out our viewer. We want you to see the action of how your team is performing. I know the wait has been excruciating for the hard core Monster fans, but we're literally weeks away from the alpha fighting launch.

Game Jam ends tomorrow

We're so excited to see what you've built! We'll help spread the word to the community and game makers are going to walk away with thousands of dollars of cards, votes, crypto, and new Steem Monsters themed games for the people. Can't wait to see what you all created!

Kickstarter starts on Tuesday

The wonderful summer is at it's end. College kids are back in school. Traders are back at their desk. It's time to take advantage of everyone being back in the zone! We have a Kickstarter campaign launching (should be the Tuesday Sept 4th). Lots of cool and unique rewards. We'll have 4 cards that are exclusive to this kickstarter event. One of each rarity, and one is a new summoner out there!

Kickstarter is designed for fiat, but we'll make a way for crypto payments to come through too. More on that later.

If you haven't gotten started with Steem Monsters there's still a little time left to get your alpha packs!
The Alpha PRE-SALE is live right now! It will continue until either 300,000 Booster Packs are sold, or October 1st, 2018, whichever comes first!

Thank you for your continued support!

Steem Monsters Contact Info

Official Account: @steemmonsters

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I can predict and guarantee you that Steem Monsters will be the best collectible game better than any other game on any other blockchain network :) If you think I am wrong, give me your good reason or reasons why you think I might be wrong... :) Anyways buy more cards while you still can :)


its a nice game:d

Great game

Whoa, this is so much exciting! We need to upgrade our cards to gain advantage from other players. The excitement in the house is on and everybody was waiting for the upcoming tournament! Just got my 5 leg cards a few days ago.

Love the new site and stats! Awesome work! We are all jumping for joy! Thanks for all the great new Monster Updates!
Mischievous Mermaid (600px, 25fps).gif


congratulate you on your purchase. I wish you every success in your endeavor.👌🎈images (19).jpg


that looks awesome


You are a God now @clove71

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Loving it!! Keep up the great work guys!!


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Youll get a lot more attention from my 144,000 followers around the multiverse

Absolutely amazing updates :D

Great work !

Amazing work! Keep it up!!

@steemmonsters, @aggroed, @yabapmatt, congratulations on the new website! I have checked it, and it's definitely better than before!

I like that the accessibility to screen reader software (and visually impaired people) has improved a bit too. Now the filters (type, element etc.) have text and are accessible through the keyboard now! And the element icons for the splinters (Fire, Water etc.) on the home page also have alt text!

However, there's still one problem. The card images are still clickable objects that can't be reached from the keyboard, and the icons for the stats don't have alt text, either...

I'm sorry to keep nagging you guys about this, but these small details make all the difference for blind/visually impaired people like me. The accessibility of the new site is already an improvement, though, and gives me hope that it'll improve more eventually!

Nice interface I like it did not know there were only 16 Gold Foil Dragons of all decks with the lightning dragon being the rarest with only 9 gold foils in existence, I learnt something new about the decks.
Also good luck on the kickstarter look forward to seeing that campaign launch and less than half the alpha decks to go way to go!

Damn. The site looks amazing! I guess Steem Monsters will soon be the flag-ship of Steem.

wanted to join today but did not manage to pay the account was created an invalid link to buy the old package on the link was not visible who pays the account that is me !!!))) why don `t know !!!images (21).jpg

Amazing update great we enjoy this update thanks team

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Is a awesome steemmonster I like my friend

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You've made the Steemit Minute for today! Congrats!

Check out the Video Here:

Thats awesome, this weekend I will finally have some time to start!!

I can’t wait to play the game! The site looks awesome! 💪🏼🙌🏼💯


By the Way Charles Thank You Again for the Cards you gave me a couple of Weeks ago @stackin !

Kickstarter is designed for fiat, but we'll make a way for crypto payments to come through too. More on that later. ?


The point is to bring outside people to use steem, that’s the reason for Kickstarter.

The new website looks real slick. Great job!

Its been so cool to see all this growth from the beginning! It all looks so good!

The game looks AWESOME!!! Wish you the best luck with it.

You're right now ready to buy a starter pack, supporter packs, and see cards in your accumulation.

The starter pack is at present set at $5 USD.

This is an introduction cost and will turn out to be generously higher as new highlights are included and we move out of Alpha.

The starter pack isn't correctly fundamental, yet it gives you summoners, which you'll have to begin playing.

Sponsor packs contain 5 cards each and are set at $2.

We'll utilize reserves raised at first to subsidize advancement, yet as the center amusement gets set up we intend to utilize a great deal of the approaching assets to support competition prize pools.

We'll be adding the capacity to exchange cards and join cards of a similar kind to enable them to level in the precise close term (ought to be discharged in July).

We're constructing the battling angle, which will probably take us through late-summer to kick it into high gear.

By then, we'll be propelling competitions where your summoners and the creatures they control will battle for greatness and prizes!

Once the center battling piece is heated at that point it's about diversion improvement. Augment the meta. We'll be hoping to include things that will level and gain capacities after some time. These things will engage your summoners and beasts. We'll include new abilities that the beasts can learn. We'll make a few cards to expand details and give capacities cards wouldn't typically have. You'll have a totally modified deck one of a kind to you in light of your inclinations and decisions and we'll perceive how well you contend after some time as the meta advances!

So is it like YUGIOH where players v player? Or is this just a collection thing. I've seen it here n there before


good question!


Its both player vs player and collecting.

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Love it and i am very excited for this.

Are you still selling booster packs? I’ll bite and support the cause. I’m not that knowledgeable in these card games. When Pokémon cards came out I was too busy f@cking my gf.

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Awesome work! Congrats on the look it is wonderful!

Steem Monsters full steem ahead! The work everybody has done and the contributions from the public is what really makes @steemmonsters what it is today

Way cool. I really like how this keeps steeming forward!

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Can't wait to start dueling other people on the site.

Wow Congrats for Upgrades.

At a 100% zoom level on a 1920x1080 display the text displayed here is unreadable!
You have to zoom in to 110% to make it readable, I doubt thats intended!

Love the new look and obviously the STATS are the best part.

Looking forward to what new people are brought into the game, the market and Steem most of all.

amazing game.

Nice.... Fabulous..

This game is really starting to look like it could become the way for Steem to break through to the mainstream! Dapps running on blockchains without end users having to be aware of that, it's such logical way to go. And games are best suited for this.

Congratulations on a beautiful new website, and thanks for bringing us this great mixture between entertainment and opportunity :-)

Looking fab :D
I just bought 7 packs and no golden Selinia :(

Great! Cool site!

great grwat

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So awesome ... makes me super excited. Are you still doing the Kickstartr?

@steemmonsters looking forward for this game. hope this game gets equal popularity as PUBG. APPRECIATE hearing back from you,

yes, time to learn more about my new addiction!


For me gaming is something little very difficult but still I will try to
Learn thank you

This is awesome news, I'm going to go get some !popcorn and stay tuned.


This is awesome news,
I'm going to go get some
!popcorn and stay tuned.

                 - themarkymark

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Ohhh very good the game is most Funny! (Y)

Anyone else has the site looking off like this? Steemmonsters.jpg

I can't read the first sentence at all. :P


Nice, it's fixed today.

Can't wait for the gameplay release:-)

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@tipU will answer with a delegation link. Hope this helps!:)

I can’t wait to play the game! Thanks for the info!!

Glad to read this article, keep it up guys. 👌

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why is it making me buy the started pack again? :/

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Love to see so many updates, thanks for letting us know the updates.

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What age the kids can play this game? My boy is 13 years old. He defintely will enjoy this game.

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Looking good!

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we love monsters we love @steemmonsters

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This is well deserved.

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Oh wow they are gorgeous! This looks super awesome :) Im excited to get started!

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I would like to know alittle bit more about this site guys, anything you can tell me would be great for me

Super good update! Love the new style of the website :)) donated some cards to people that haven't got that many! Are there going to be gold card giveaways in tournaments BTW?

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Wow, it's amazing how good the cards look, I even want to play just watching them. Excellent work

Hi @steemmonsters congratulations to this great new update you guys just keep on delivering. Are there any plans to target the Korean community as well with steemmonsters? Since the Korean community is pretty huge on steemit and they are also totally into gaming this would be a great opportunity to connect all users doesn't matter the language to play this awesome game!!!!

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New sites looking nice might have to buy some cards next week

Strangers but friends...

This is very exciting. Can't wait to see even more developments.

So far, I don't have any exciting cards but will be grabbing some more packs very soon to get that first gold foil :D

Wow what excitement! Thanks for transmitting the information. It has excellent statistics and the gameplay looks pretty good. I enjoyed the video of @aggroed a lot. Thank you once again for sharing it with us. I am anxious!

This needs to become an online gaming platform like warcraft hahaha! Love it

Nice article

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Oh yeah!

👺👾What an awesome update @steemmonsters ! Great job @yabapmatt and @aggroed this is sooooo fantastic ! Upped and resteemed!
👺 Just watched a great Fan Fiction show hosted by @littlescribe & @coruscate featuring @yabapmatt with lots of added information and tidbits from him! heres her link you should really check out !:
👹My Brain Is Over Loaded , Lol! So mind Blowing & Awesome!

very nice.
i love it

  ·  2년 전

Awesome web design :)

excellent combination between game and blockchain I hope everything goes well on Kickstarter

Friend I`m new Here,Please Follow & encourage me

Love it Bro.... i liked it.

New site looks great. Cant wait for the game release. Resteemed

This is a very cool way to enjoy the service in a completely different way entirely, what a brilliant and intuitive way to come up with to run the steem ui, as a monsters card game, I'm not a card game fan but i am completely in support of the clever idea you have used it's awesome, you will go far with this very very far no doubt at all here.

Dude this game is awesome i cant wait to battle hopefully get some goods i wish everyone the best of luck!!!

it was good news for the game lover...i going to try the new one...

How much will the kick starter cards be? :)

Looks like this will really take off! God Bless!

Cool! Very interesting!

excelent! my child will be so happy

Wow this open source portal for my new virtual reality pokemon go game looks incredible!

Cant wait till people start calling me up and solving the puzzles i have been leaving around the universe

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Anyway this news pleases me and im glad to see what my open source community has given me

My game will be very fun and only Barron Trump gets to play it first.. well after i test it with him .. im the surrogate i have the nano tech...

I am the steem monster master... We have the keys to the stargate they are US and we have rhe answers to aids and cancer all here in san diego.. we and only we here can ignite this flame and i will ensure @fyrstikken has another key and we will make sure these keys have to be turnt at the same time