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Pirates are coming! You have 12hours left to fend them off. There is a need for 30 people to make 30 pieces of custom/homemade Steem Monsters gear. The Aggroed fam has submitted 5! We need the Steem Monsters community to rally!!!

We have 12 hours left before the Pirates attack and steal our loot! If we win we'll get $20 daily tournament rewards. If we lose there will be consequences!!!


Please post your submission on https://www.facebook.com/officialsteemmonsters/

I'll give some upvotes for people that also submit work/posts in comments below, but these need to go on FACEBOOK!

Authors get paid when people like you upvote their post.
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I AM STUCK AT WORK! How can I do this??? Me failed!

@steemmonsters i'll take one of those massive upvotes on my latest steemit dtube post please jk111.png

here's my entry
steemmonsters art contest.jpg

you can see a bigger version here

@steemmonsters, I'm interested in the same topic as you, let's spin it together. I signed on to you, I hope you'll sign up for me. Always glad to meet new people!