Still playing Steem Monsters

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I have not posted about @SteemMonsters in a while, but I have still been playing it now and again. I am resigned to not getting into the higher ranks without buying lots of cards, but I get some enjoyment by working my way back up each season. This time I dropped down to Bronze I and have got back to Gold III. When I get there the battles get really tough. I have some summoners at level 2 and 3, so cannot benefit from other cards that are much higher, although I have loads of some cards.

I won 22 cards this time, so let us see what I got.


More Rusty Androids, but these are gold if that makes any difference. Prismatic energy can be a good one if you come up against other magic that it will reflect. I can level that up.


You can see some cards come up a lot. I do like the magic ones as they are useful against those with armour. I have had some Death daily quests and Phantom Soldier helps with that, especially if you get an 'earthquake' battle where non-flying cards lose 2 life points on each round. I have so many Creepy Ooze.


This means I can level up my Phantom soldier so he gains an extra life point. A level 2 is worth 33c, but I will hang onto it.

My current favourite, and most valuable, card is Ruler of the Seas as he can do a load of damage with blast that hits the card behind the front one too. That is so useful when you are against the standard Life deck. I am keeping him too.


I rarely use Life and Fire splinters as I have not leveled up the summoners. If anyone wants to lease or buy some of those cards let me know. I will do a free lease to anyone who signs up to #SteemMonsters with my referral link that is below.

I have not looked too much at other Steem games due to lack of time. Mind you it can take me a while to get through a daily quest some days as I do tend to watch a fair bit of the battle until the outcome is obvious. I should just zoom to the end really. I see other players have done thousands, but I have just got through my first thousand in this last season. I start the next one at Silver III. I will see how much I play this time.

Steem on!

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Nice rewards. I got more cards but less value.


Most of those I get are only worth a cent, if that. It's hard to justify my time if it is just about that. It has to be fun too.

I was able to pull two Rulers of the Seas on my main account. I sent them over to my wife and she was able to level hers up to level 3. I am pretty excited. It ended up being a good haul for me. I wish one of them could have been gold foil though...

Ah, you drew a much better season reward than I did... I recently have been levelling up my summoners, it really makes a huge difference!


I expect it does help. I've built up a bit of SBD, so maybe it's time to buy more cards. I never seem to win summoners recently.


No, the summoners are beta cards, the rewards are a different set. I slowly snap up some of the cheap ones, and I've time I have levelled them to 4 or 5.


It ought to be possible to win summoners really. I get so many of the same old cards that are worth very little. I guess I can combine them and sell them on

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