Winners of Novice Cuddles Tornament 2. There are still a weekend full of tournaments!

5개월 전

Hello to all the Monsters addicted and those who soon will be!

Last Wednesday, Novice Cuddles Tournament 2 had 59 participants. Every time we are more!! Thank you all for joining us and making these tournaments so fun!

Results Novice Cuddles 2

First prize: @j-p-bs - 50 STEEM

Second prize: @cranium - 25 STEEM

Third Prize: @quorum4 - 15 STEEM

Fourth Prize: @pachu - 10 STEEM

Congratulations to all the winners!

There is still a weekend full of tournaments so what are you waiting for? Go to register! Make sure you read the rules and know the tournament calendar.

Read more about the series here (Versión en Español)

We will have the @pharesim witness as a sponsor and as a special guest we will have the SteemFest mascot par excellence @jukatravels. We wish all of you best of luck and a lot of fun with this new tournament series, see you on the battlefield!

Vote @pharesim as a witness here!

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Thanks for the great tournaments !!!


Thanks to you @cranium. Congratulations!!

I confess I don't play, I forbid myself to play games i get addicted easily and running short of time, though I'm happy something fantasy related is doing so well here, doing a music collab for it... tsst! :) Juka in the signature is aww


It's been a while since I got hooked on a game, but I couldn't resist to steemmonsters. Definitely It is different... A big hug for you and @hedac.


Oh my and hugs and greetings back, give Juka a tight tight hug!


I am really happy because most of the staff are friends, and I'm glad that it's something fantasy related having so much success, I used to work on a comic book store and actually earn a life trading cards (Magic) and other geeky things, so now I ban myself from videogames and cards (some rpg from time to time though). I am doing though a collab with talented Isaria for the score and I promised a friend that I would do a fanart of the Spirit of the forest !

@tashidelek, Steemmonsters became vital part of Steem Blockchain when it comes to the Activity because Gaming is one aspect where for sure we cannot expect less activity. Keep up and stay blessed. 🙂

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Hy @tashidelek

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