Tatsumaki: Steem Monsters Beta Booster Pack Results 2018-11-29

2년 전

Steem Monsters, Decentralized, Trading Card Game, Steem Blockchain, Dueling Platform

The purpose of this account is to take part in the Steem Monsters daily quests. These quests are great for winning beta booster packs. Each account can only win one beta pack per day.

Below are the results from the beta booster pack I received for completing my daily quest.

Beta Booster Pack Results

The image below represents all the cards received in today's beta booster pack opening. I have also included a detailed description of all the cards received as well as the dollar value per card.

All prices were sourced from the Steem Monster Marketplace at the time of writing this post. So please be mindful when prices are slightly different!

Steem Monsters, Decentralized, Trading Card Game, Steem Blockchain, Dueling Platform

The results from today's pack opening was better than I had expected. I firmly believe the dollar value per beta card will increase over time as more people starts to play Steem Monsters.

Goblin SorcererEarthCommon$0.06
Swamp ThingEarthEpic$0.54
Feral SpiritLifeCommon$0.08
Grumpy DwarfNeutralCommon$0.05
Giant RocFire(G) Common$0.63

Start Playing Steem Monsters

If you're interested in playing Steem Monsters but you don't have the cards then you might as well buy a starter set. Buy now for only $10: https://steemmonsters.com/?ref=tatsumaki

All starter sets will include 30 pre-defined cards and a brand new Steemit account with enough resource credits for a few battles.

Steem Monsters Battle Playlist

Check out the latest battle preview playlist if you are interested in learning more about Steem Monster. The playlist will be updated on a regular basis now that the new season has started. Subscribe to the playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIzPCrhIYTlz4P_eGKMVqoTkRsiXd8ys_

Steem Monsters, Decentralized, Trading Card Game, Steem Blockchain, Dueling Platform

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Just in case you haven't read my previous post: Tatsumaki: Steem Monsters Beta Booster Pack Results 2018-11-28

Steem Monsters, Decentralized, Trading Card Game, Steem Blockchain, Dueling Platform

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