The GUILD Token Is Created And Steem Monster Hall of Fame 2019 Class Is Selected!

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The GUILD Token Is Born

Many of us were fortunate enough to be a member of a group (or guild-soon to be) called "Team Possible." The initial goal of the group was to allow players who may not have the means or would first like to demo the game prior to taking the plunge (which is inevitable as we all know after playing it a bit). This group has also incorporated a value created sharing method of cards that players may own but don't use these cards, so that they may get some kind of recurring revenue or value from them over time allowing someone who does have the time and means to use these cards in battle. The idea was a tremendous success over the period of the past year as we all were able to contribute to the group and establish somewhat of a "war chest" among our fellow friends that took part.

The GUILD token is born! It was created as a bookkeeping method to reward all of those that contributed to that accumulation as well as those that contribute going forward. The sharing method has been great for those that do have the time, as we have had people play upwards of a dozen or more donated decks at one time, and several that have been playing multiple donated decks over the past several months.

If you would like information on the guild and how it could help you get started, or give you a nice boost in playable cards feel free to visit the discord site at any time a member of the group is almost always around and can help steer you in the right direction of whatever it is you are seeking.

Hall Of Fame Class of 2019

We would also like to congratulate our Inaugural "@teampossible Hall of Fame Class" of 2019. This class includes those that have contributed in ways that we felt were most important in bringing the game to the point of where it is today. Of course we included co-creators @yabapmatt and @aggroed, without them this doesn't leave the drawing board, along with inside developer @nateaguila that has done countless projects to bring the game to the state is in now.

Steempeak dual creators/innovators @jarvie and @asgarth who created the first decentralized market and several other spectacular innovations to the game along with card delegation.

Queens of media that launched a weekly interactive show of Fan Fiction both @littlescribe and @coruscate featuring the changes and the game's progress on a weekly basis.

Then the contest holders and interactive members such as @o07, @dosdudes, @dkid of the @contestkings crowd that has kept ongoing interest since the beginning and is still active up this day. Also of course @clove71 who has had countless live shows discussing everything monsters with booster pack giveaways and several other highlight posts that have added to the "real-life lore" of the game.

Collectors that have made massive contributions include @patelincho who bought so many packs to this game even with blockchain technology we may still need an archeological dig in 1000 years to find out what the exact number was (lol). @mattclarke who "called his shot" in that he would be owning your flesh golem alpha and now today very likely does becoming the first player to hoard a single card in a series making the Flesh Golem alpha the first superstar card created by market demand. Also not to forget collectors like @nealmcspadden who have been holders of alphas early on and now reaping the rewards by also allowing players to reap those rewards in the leasing of their held cards in taking advantage of the burgeoning lease market.

And of course we cannot forget the hype man behind it all- the "Flava Flave (minus the crack and the clock necklace)" of steemmonsters long time in house standby on discord and summoner of all things steemmonsters @crystalhuman.

Congrats to these recipients we @teampossible plan on having one of these around the 4th of July annually in commemorating our hall of fame selections similar to this one. Of course in nearly all hall of fame classes the first one is nearly impossible to duplicate I am sure there will be some stellar individuals down the road.

Congrats to all @teampossible members that received your airdrop tokens you know have these tokens to do with what you please and we all know that were a part of it that each of these tokens were well earned and we hope to have accumulate more as your efforts continue on.

image courtesy of @charisma777
story courtesy of @cryptkeeper17

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Great job Dave and @cryptkeeper17 on the token creation. I appreciate the air drop for the early adopters. I am a bit behind, but I fully support all things Team Possible and will catch up on the details soon I hope.


You're too kind @mellofello I hear ya there we are a little behind. So much stuff going on right now it's almost impossible to keep with it. Glad you've been a part of the group it's always awesome seeing such a consistent top tier player finish as highly as you do. Keep on taking names and enjoy your summer!


It is exciting to see TP progress and adapt with SM. I will support in whatever ways that I can.

It's getting so competitive and difficult to stay in the top 25, but I'm trying to play smarter, not harder because I lack the time to devote to SM. Easier said than done though.


Being a sports guy I know you can identify with that. NCAA football teams don't win national championships because they won 400 games that year, they won because they took on all comers at the highest level once a week and won all the right matches. There is always a little controversy but since the plus one playoff system there is little argument versus what it was say 15 years ago before that format and these teams were playing nobody in conferences that were far less consolidated than they are today.


I can only imagine. I have been lobbying hard for them to make the matches more impactful rather than needing to play so freaking many. I proposed a change to quests being a best of 7 or best of 5 match, where you get two chances at playing someone in your level to get your quest and if not you are done. If you keep winning you keep playing until your second series loss, stuff like that. Kind of the old boxing model. If you aren't very highly ranked you box a lot to climb the rankings, if you're the Champ you box once a year. Somewhere in there I think is the answer. These guys have their plans set though and they've worked really well so far I just wonder how sustainable it is expecting HUMAN players to keep playing the game 3 hours or more a day to even have a chance to finish in the top 25.


Sorry for the late response. I would like to see SM try out some different rankingssystems. The current one requires so much time indeed. I do like your idea, but in order for that to happpen, each player needs to elect a league where he/she will compete and remain there. Only one league per account. Now of course, anyone could always make alts and compete in each league.

Flattery will get you everywhere!


Haha, congrats.

Thank you for the tokens. I still on a rare occasion stop in the discord to take a look, not often but occasionally. It is nice to see everyone or most everyone still enjoying the game, come winter I may be back, but right now, not sure.


You are still on @teampossible, that will never change. Stop by any time you like and we all consider you a teammate!


Thanks, I still find steem fun, and still seem to keep my self pretty busy with it. Lots of people, lots of things, so little time.Story of everyone life I guess.

HF21 testing has begun in earnest finally. I am trying to help whether they want it or not, ;-). Well at least one person is testing I know of @eonwarped. HF20 it was Tim Cliff and steemit stage, this time it is I have been using my shadowmask account to play in his little test garden.


I would expect that me and you will be having convo's long after most people have left. I too find many of the feature of this place fascinating. While I'm not always happy with the decisions being made, I've never lost my fascination at what this could be. Therefore I think I will stay to the end (if it ever ends). ;)

And good on being on the testing committee... we will need somebody that can help us understand it once it gets enacted! :D

Thanks for the GUILD tokens, now i need to find out more :)


yes you need to, we have a secret secret plan to make them worth millions... :)

ps... I'm sure we all would be happy to have one of our favorite team members learn the plan. Stop by the discord and there are some clues that can be gleened, or simply message me and I will fill you in ;)

pps... just kidding on the millions, but they should do well as they are tokens that are backed by the assets of the guild (and those grow with each passing season!) :D

What a relieve 😁 At least I don't have to nag about secure the name anymore and I can see bunch of things I can do with thekeenqueen to make the GUILD stronger... Well at least by transfer out the DEC ... LOL


lol yes we did secure it! And you of course helped tremendously to get the tough decision made... and you are always doing awesome things @thekeenqueen, we are lucky to have you as our teammate :)

I just started playing this game and I am addicted!!

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Awesome @darrenfj... yes the game is definitely addictive... Our guild has members at all different stages, but one thing we have in common is we like the game :) ... If you ever want to join the guild, just go to the link in the post or just message me directly and I will make sure you get there ;)

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