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How you can take part in the game? It's easy! All you have to do is to write an answer to the contest task in the comment below.

Contest task:
If you were one of the SteemMonsters cards, which one would that be?
Place a picture of this card in the comment below this post and briefly explain why you chose this card.

From all the answers we will choose and reward the 10 most creative ones. Their authors will receive 1 beta edition booster each! We are waiting for your answers till Friday midnight UTC time.


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I would say I'm like the twisted jester because I have a dark and sick sense of humour and people think im funny looking

Screenshot 2018-11-11 at 20.54.31.png

I would say The Frost Giant.

Because I am his voice for the game!!!
I can't wait to hear all of the new sound quips once they are added to the game. It's gonna be awesome!


I am grut!!!
To be honest, my wife calls me a tree in bed when I ...
But, quite honestly, I just love nature.

If i was a steemmonster card i would be the Kobold Miner, because i could go and peck your broken tooth's and give you a lot of cavities.

Captura de pantalla 2018-11-11 a las 10.27.00 p.m..png

Resteemed and Upvoted.

I would like to be a ELEMENTAL PHOENIX simply because of it's 2 time attack in one shot when it's leveled up. It attacks the main card as well as the second card in line to reduce the power of 2 main defenders we would have lined up.

Thanks for the giveaway, good luck to all :)


I would be Haunted Spirit because I always preach and try to do onto others as they do onto me and the Haunted Spirit has the reflect ability so the card does just that to its enemies.

Flesh Golem.png
if i was be a steemmonster cards i wan to be fles golem.the flesh golem can help heal itself without the help of another card. The flesh golem also has great speed and damage to destroy the enemy

If I had to guess, I'd probably say the Silvershield Paladin...


I mention this because I like to think of myself as an unflinching pillar of justice and fairness. I always avoid the cheap or easy way to do things when there's a right way to do it, or at least I try to when possible... I also don't like taking advantage of others or seeing this happen in front of my eyes without doing anything about it, it's like this strange aura of justice that always surrounds me everytime I have to take a choice.

There's also the fact that I sometimes write about a sort of insertion of myself in a fantasy medieval world, and that character also used to be a paladin in his early adult years. It is somewhat of a funny coincidence but I always tend to align myself or my opinions with justice and rightness.

So there's that, I hope that's enough, lol! I also find it funny that the card I identify with the most, is on a splinter I don't like that much but whatever lol, I still love the design!
PD: Resteemed!


If I had to choose the jellyfish, for its beautiful and sensual shape, but not only because of that also because it has a dangerous and a power to defeat everyone.


Simplemente es el mejor, al pegarle se enfurece y su ataque aumenta de poder, o podría ser porque es la carta que mas me gusta.

I would be like the Defender of Truth, as the truth is precious to me and I'm always refining my understanding to sift through the lies and holding on to the truth. Don't have it all figured out, but learning more everyday. @sardonic

I'd be spirit of the forest, because I love how cheekily mischievous she is to her foes and kind to he friends (by healing and protecting them)! Also she fights smartly by sniping. And as a nature-lover it would make sense for me to become a spirit of the forest.

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Because he is a fken dragon

I Would be The Pirate Captain because Sunday's on Steemit would not be the Same Without me.............. #PirateSunday

I would say peaceful giant, being 6 feet tall I am taller than most people I encounter but I am very easy going, don’t argue and my dad calls me “calm and soothing” because of my mannerism. Stressful situations don’t affect me the way it does others. This one seems pretty good to me!


I am Spineback Wolf. Tough and fast. Don’t get on my bad side... I bite. People often say it’s hard to get me to warm up, to open up to someone new. Be careful not to rub me the wrong way. My spines will get you.

I am courageous, often leading the charge. Just like Spineback Wolf leads the team, taking hits and dosing blows.

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I would be Spirit of the forest. She may look beautiful and nice, but she's powerful as hell and if you piss her off, she will not hesitate to hurt you badly :0)

I am Elven Cutthroat.
Zelda-looking sneaky character. Any Link seeking for me?

Divine Healer

A lover not a fighter

I choose Eleven Cutthroat, because after seeing the "Lord of the Rings" the elves were stuck in my head ;) and since now I have the opportunity to become one of them, why not to use it :D


He does not like to be beaten and if you do you get two hits, ijjiji
If you dare come for more. ;)
I love.