Purchasing Steem Monsters Booster Packs Cheaper With Steem-Plus and Smartsteem

3년 전

Steem Monsters is spreading across Steem dApps and we are getting more and more options to buy booster packs. As these dApps often get special vendor deals, they are able to create more interesting offers for the customers. Here are my current two favorite ways to buy booster packs:


With the @steem-plus browser extension we get tons of functions for Steemit and Busy that we would otherwise not have there. It has become the most popular way to hack your Steem experience. The price of one Steem Monsters booster pack there is 1.99 SBD and you get SteemPlus Points (SPP) for each purchase.



Another great option to get booster packs is via the @smartsteem website which also offers Steem promotion via vote sellers and a bid-bot and has become the most reputated service of that kind on Steem. Over there one booster pack costs only $1.90. Realize that this price is in USD and might vary in its SBD price. Steem is super volatile anyways all the time.


It is amazing to see how quickly the Steem Monsters community, the related services and dApps like Peakmonsters and the game itself come forward. Getting incentives like cheaper boosters or special user credits really are benefitting the users and help to spread the word about the most amazing crypto game out there.

Check out Steem Monsters yourself.

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