Steem Monsters Daily 100 DEC give away #99(NO UP-VOTE RE-STEEM FOLLOW REQUIRED)


W have e hit 99 give away's , so you know what that means right? well of course you do, tomorrow will be a larger than normal give away of DEC. Please stay tuned

Today's Give Away

*Comment some thing you love followed by 123 (Ramen 123)

IMG_0095 (5).JPG

Yesterdays winner was @ityp, congrats. Go give @ityp a follow and some love yall.

See you tomorrow for a special give away

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Role Playing Games 123


Congratulations @ronaldoavelino, you are successfuly trended the post that shared by @threejay!
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Do you like Dark souls?


I have never played it. I started playing in the 80s, Wizardry I and the last game I played was Grim Dawn.
Sorry, that is an alt account. It is me @ronaldoavelino....

Video games 123.


Im playing boarderlands 3 right now and it it great


I find money itself boring but what you can experience with money wounderful

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$xrp 123 ;)


I just sold all mine and put it into BTC

Thank you.
Steemmonsters 123


no problem

Wife 123

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Tacos 123 but damn that does look interesting i don’t even what in loooking at but I’d be game to try it


I love tacos but no good tacos in Japan that I know of. its ramen with smoked pork and an egg

chocolate 123

Your ramen bowl 123

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lmao, it is so good too

Crypto 123


ride a bike 123

Hi, @threejay!

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Pecan pie 123


R U from Texas?


I'm from Kansas.

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surfing 123


nice, I miss Hawaii

my boyfriend 123


boring lol

the nature 123

My wife and kids 123


AKA life drain lol