The 1000 DEC Give Away Winner Picked + BONUS Give Away

5개월 전

Thank you to all who have supported my channel and have partaken in my give away's. SO the luck winner of the 1000 DEC is @hardikv. Congratulations, go give @hardikv a follow and some love.

*But wait, as a thank you to all who have commented on the 1000 DEC give away post I will be sending you all 50 DEC.

*All I ask is for a re-steem of this post (not mandatory but very kind)


*Stating tomorrow the 100 DEC daily give away will return and the more participation the more daily doubles, a possible daily quadruple and a big 2000 Dec give away on the last day of July.


Catch you on the battle field, Threejay out.

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Awesome! Thank you so much 😁✨

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Thank you and stay tune for my daily DEC give away

Resteemed very cool!!! Thanks!!

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your welcome and thanks for the re-sttem

resteemed! great initiative you're doing man!


thanks buddy, have a great day.

thanks mate! resteemed

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thank you and love your frog logo

Thanks for the gift! I appreciate it...


no worries buddy see ya tomorrow.

Wow! Very cool ! Thank you ! :)


no worries, todays give away will be up soon

Thanks so much for the DEC. That was a lovely surprise! 😊


Glad to hear that, I hope all is well.

You just got your free #steemmonsters upvote from - Don't forget to send your next post too.

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