I delegated to @steemmonsters and this is what I got !

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So I promised some of you that I will update you all on what I get from delegating a big portion of my SP to @steemmonsters

My total Steem power is about 580 and I delegated about 60% of it to steemmonsters (375sp)
and I did it because steemmonsters is now giving out DEC payments daily to delegators.

So today when I checked my steem-engine account I saw this
I had recieved 142 DEC for my 375SP Delegation.
That is about 0.15$ as you can see.

So if my math is correct you get roughly about 0.38 DEC Per 1 Steem Power delegated to Steemmonsters (by the stats I got today).

I'd say this is quite a good deal, and I will keep my SP delegated to steemmonsters for now.
And I encourage you all to delegate at least a little bit to steemmonsters !
Here are some small delegation links for you to use

Delegate 10 Steem Power
Delegate 20 Steem Power
Delegate 50 Steem Power
Delegate 100 Steem Power
Delegate 500 Steem Power
To @steemmonsters ! To Start earning some DEC Daily yourself !!!

Thank you for reading, and I hope you found this post helpful.
If you would like to support me, please consider using any of my referral links down below.

Steemmonsters - https://steemmonsters.com?ref=tsnaks
Magic-dice - https://magic-dice.com/?ref=tsnaks
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Awesome! I’ve been looking for new projects to delegate to! I think steem monsters and dust sweeper will be my next picks

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Brilliant choices.

Dust Sweeper is also a really cool steemit project going on, and definetaly worth delegating to.
And obviously Steemmonsters is the BIGGEST Steem related game out there at the moment, and I myself believe that Steemmonsters is the game that will get Steemit in general more known.


I second the @dustsweeper option for delegation if you have the bandwidth. It's a great community oriented project that can delivers a return on the support you give.

I delegated to steemmonsters but they aren't voting on anything. Did they stop?


I think after the HF21 or the 22 The voting bots pretty much died, because the downvote pool came into the play.

And yes they stopped (I am pretty sure)

Yep ... probably the best delegation option in the moment :)

Thank you for sharing this! It is helpful!!

Also, it is good to point out:
Since this is a bid bot, the payout will change depending on the bidding activity.

So....it can be higher or lower on a daily basis.



Yeah true the values change, but still you can see what the payout for the first day was :)

Thanks for info man! Very useful!

Awesome!! I sent like 600 myself the first night it opened! I gotta go stop battling and go see what I got, LOL!!

Thank you! This breakdown was what I was trying to see; will probably delegate some in a very near future!

Can I sell my DEC for Steem ? Where can I do that if yes ?

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You get something like steem pegged there, that can be withdrawn for steem


Steemp is suppose

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Well done @tsnaks I was wondering the breakdown. That will likely adjust more than likely downward as more and more people delegate, I like you analysis because I did 297sp, fairly close to your example. How long does it take for the monster crowd to overrun all of steemit? This may be the way it happens? Lol, again thanks for the rundown.


I think that steemmonsters is already known pretty much all over steemit.
And I personally think that Steemmonsters is what will make steemit really famous.

Hi @tsnaks,

Thank you for your post!

I delegated 500 SP

and I got 111.320 DEC the first day.