Steem monsters - What is it?? Tournaments hosted by Me!

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Hello guys! It's been a while since I posted anything, I was pretty busy these days with Steem monsters. What are Steem monsters you ask? Steem Monsters is a digital trading card game on the Steem blockchain. It is comparable to the Cryptokitties game on the Etherium network. Players are able to win Upvotes, Cards, STEEM and SBD. There is a starter pack consisting of 30 pre-selected cards that required to buy in order to play. You may purchase additional booster packs with a chance containing epic and legendary cards! Which worth hundred to thousand. You also have the ability to buy and sell cards on the market for Steem and SBD. They also have a referral program. If you sign up your friends and they buy packs you will receive 5% of what they spend. It does not take anything from you but put on top of it.

Here's my referral link if you want to support me. If not that's fine too.
But If you do let me know and I'll send you a free booster pack.

This game wouldn't be possible without @aggroed and @yabapmatt
Please Vote them for Witness



I'm going to be hosting some Steem Monsters late night tournaments. This allows people a chance to win some Boosters packs. Links to sign up and check the calendar for tournaments below.

Steem monsters Discord where you can chat about the tournament:

January 10, 11:59 pm est - Silver League

January 11, 1:00 AM est - Gold League

January 14, 1:00 m est - Silver League

January 16, 1:00 am est - Gold League

See you on the battlefield! Good luck everyone!!!

Here's a drawing I did of Selenia Sky. One of my favorite summoner using charcoal.
If you have any cool drawing please share it below.




200_s (1).gif

Comment below for your chance to win some Steem. The winner will be announced in my next post Thank you and good luck!

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Hi, I am ready now to send you 1000 STEEM for your "The Peakrider" gold foil. :)
Do you agree to the deal?


Okay 1000 steem for gold foil peakrider

too good your drawing, you have a very good virtue

I appear to feel guilty about my poor copy painting.
WeChat Image_20190111163937.jpg


Amazing art!!! At least you try ahaha

Just want to drop by and say hi since we run into each other often on the SM battlefield, but not much in the steemit world. I see you post as often as I do, hehe.

You are way talented! Love the drawing and your artworks. I wrote a fanfiction story on Selenia Sky (I only write for fun). Will have to loop back around and ask your permission to use your drawing IF I ever become a famous writer. ;)


Yeah, we always run into each other in the battlefield. You're an awesome player! Thank you for the compliment on my art. Yes, you're welcome to use my drawing if its any good ahaha. Looking forward to your story :)


Your art is awesome! Thanks for letting me use just have to use the few stolen moments I have to write a story instead of play SM.

It's fun when we're matched on the battlefield! You are one of the few players that don't bully me with the new summoners ALL the time (which I greatly appreciate). I get to learn and enjoy my game time against a great player. :)


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This is so gorgeous!!! You are a talented Artist!


Thank you so much @clove71 😉

Welcome back @vaansteam I miss your beautiful art and I'm so glad to hear from you. Always amazing artworks and high quality posts !


You’re too sweet. I haven’t been posting in a while but I do check out your art from time to time. Keep up with the amazing post!


Thank you very much for your support ! I hope you 'll share more with us.

Hello Friend how are you? really a lot also not knowing about you, I wondered where the boy who makes some fantastic drawings and beautiful, miss you, see your hands in a lienso a beautiful face, today I see a different dibijo and I really like, really, Your gift of drawing goes beyond the magic.

Now talking about Steem Monsters I know him for my friend, @gank but I have not really dared to play it, I hope that as a host you will be very good.

Greetings and a big hug from venezuela, it's really nice to hear from you again at the beginning of a new year 2019 that I'm sure will be wonderful at steemit


Hello, @jennimorillo I do miss everyone too. It has been a long time. I hope you're doing well. Thank you for always supporting my work :)

Nice artwork Vaansteam or is it Vaan Helsing of Steem Monsters ??? You can tell me ;)


Hello @dreamryder007 . That could be my nickname lol

Nice! I'm very interested about Steem Monsters and yes, I made a lot of fantasy drawings!
The Gift, by @MarcosDK


You should play it. Think of it as a invesment :)

Does she have the stun ability? If she does, then we can say she's a stunner😍.

Btw, I tried to sign up and there is no way to register atm.


ahaha I think it should work now


Hi frnd m new here here can u tell me how its work


Yes what do you like to know?

Loving this idea!!!! Steem Monsters oh my!. Also amazing drawing as always D: super sick. Looks incredible. Have a nice day my friend ♡


Thank you Maria!!! You should play Steem monsters If you haven’ try it yet. I can give you some card

Beautiful drawing man, wow!


Ahaha thanks @toocurious see you on SM 😉

Wow! Amazing work!

that's really nice! I think it is actually better than the original selenia sky card design.


Aahaha thanks @glory7. You’re awesome! Keep up with the winning in SM :)

I love that drawing @vansteam 😉 selenia looks so cool on the dragon. I'm not playing steemmonster's with this account though. Good luck with the tourney


Thank you @pehteem. I hope we see you on there with whatever account you're using

I use Selenia sky as my default Summoners because I'm yet level my summoners who are still stuck on level one. She is able to make use of my level 4 Steem Monsters - the main challenge comes when i want to complete my daily Quests and I'm forced to use level One Summoners.

Its good seeing lots of people sponsoring tournamnets like this ones!


Yeah Selenia sky is awesome! Daily quests is easy when you have all high level cards :)

Great to see that you are back!

This is a very beautiful drawing. At first I thought it's Daenerys Targaryen riding her monster dragons. Haha


Yeah it does kinda look like her? Ahaha

Great painting.
Personal feeling.
That dragon is like loach and dragonfly.


I love dragonfly! :)

Welcome back dear @vaansteam. I saw your post after months.
I had bought Steemmonsters pack months ago but unfortunately I could not start playing till date. Your post ignited my curiosity about this amazing game.
Btw, your drawing is amazing as ever. Have a great time ahead.


Thank you! Glad to see you again my friend!

la inspiración llega en un vistaso al ver tu dibujo, me hace ver que aun tengo que practicar mucho pero la practica hace al maestro, felicidades me encanto y espero seguir viendo mas dibujos fantásticos, saludos

Vaya! que Gran dibujo amigo, épico! ;) Soy nuevo en steemit asi que no se mucho sobre steemmonsters jeje pero bueno a darle se ha dicho y de nuevo felicidades muy bueno el dibujo

Vaya imagenes mas chulas

Oh God, great draw bro.

wow very interesting drawing! @vaansteam


Thanks for putting up the Steemmonsters tournaments. I tried to sign up for the tournaments on challonge but the "sign-up" button is not there. You probably have to check again.
cu on the Battlefield


Hello @masterthematrix good to see you on here. It should work now. Can you sign in?

Wow! It's an amazing drawing. I appreciate your brilliant creativity.


Thank you @mesna. It been a long time. Hope you’re doing well!

Beautiful as usual...! regards. @jenemigt.


Thank you for the compliment!

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this is awesome, congrats!


Oh Woah coolest drawing, good anatomy and shades work


Thank you so much! :)

Good! i like this!


Look at my profile and check my last post is a drawing

Hi, I'm an illustrator and I'd like to design some monster !!!!

Don't fight the DRAGON, be the DRAGON, Nice drawing @vaansteam

I am so new to steem and just got into steemmonsters, the problem is i opened up another account as a mistake now I cant reqlly play because the other account has now power do you advice to swnd it to my mains accoubt and is there a total newbie description how this game needs to be done? Thank you

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It's a fun picture!!

This painting is very creative! Continue refueling

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Nice drawings bro.

I must say...this art is just insane 😊

helps please yes?

Excellent artwork! Congratulations

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Hey bud, av been checking out your blog for new works for months now. Am glad you are back again.

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thanks for hosting these tournaments.

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