#steemmonsters and nuances others don't talk much about

3년 전

Everyone is raving about #steemmonsters so I had to check this out myself. I'm sure you already know what Steemmonsters are so i will not waste your time about these pesky details. I will rather tell you what this thing REALLY is.

So I got my starter pack and few boosters. I felt I have decent beginners army. I set up the camp and started with training. We gotta be fit for the next upcoming battles. It was our first day, we were just getting ready when this thing:


...started running around in the circles like crazy and chanting. OK, I though, he is probably chanting some extra perks for us, something we could use and be better. So I didn't worry that much about it.

Then few minutes later it started to pour down rain like you wouldn't believe it. So training stopped until this nasty rain finishes. And it is the FIFTH day and it is still raining. Everyone (but water creatures) is hiding in the tents. NO ONE is doing any training. All of them are still level 1. Mud is everywhere! And Goblin Shaman is keep chanting. What I finally found out, he is chanting for the rain. Are you kidding me?!?

But he is fire! What in the world he is doing with the water?!? Is he has some kind of type/gender dysfunction?!?

He wrecked my army:

  • fires are very miserable, they HATE water
  • earths, lifes and deaths are all hiding in the tents
  • waters are enjoying the rain, (go figure) but enjoying too much to do any training

I'm doomed! Unless I can get rid of this disaster. Hence I put it on auction, for very cheap:


So, everyone is raving about Steemmonsters, but no one is telling you the whole story!
Well, now you know. When you decide to hire mercenaries, be EXTRA careful who you hire! Just sayin...

Ha, someone else can now worry about him, phew!

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  ·  3년 전

This should be imprinted on the card :)