Steemmonsters booster pack give away ;-)

3년 전


Yep, I too joined sharing wave ;-)
I'm giving away one booster pack.
I'm poor soul so I only have one, but better one than none ;-)


Make it simple:

  • upvote
  • short 2-3 sentence comment Steemmonsters related.

Make something up. For example, I wrote (and I'm sticking with it, that my Goblin Shaman, instead of training offensive spells, started to chant dance of rain, and it started to rain for days, demoralizing my whole army until I got rid of the pest. :-) Something like this, short, funny story, what "may" happened ;-)

Giveaway will last 3 days

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I really hope @steemmonsters will take off and attract many new user to Steemit. I even sold all of my crpytokitties to buy more packs because I really believe that Steemonsters will go through the roof. Plleaaaase!

And this is just the beginning - Just imagine what else they could do besided the tournaments. They could actually build an entire video game on top of @steemmonsters . Man, I wish I could fast forward.

Steemmonsters is the reason I joined steem. I missed CK, now i want to see how this goes. Hope it has also a great game behind it, instead of only collecting.

dagger head.png

Meatbag, might as well hand that sweet ass booster over to the most famous Goblin in the splinter lands!
I'll kinda promise I won't stab you for now

The art of steem monsters is the art of acquiring multiple packs that's why i am here and also thanks for the giveaway bro :)

may be the dragons fly high to the selenia sky and bring the golden sunshine down the roads.
steemmonsters and the splinterlands is the new ground on steemit that gets created just in these minutes...

Must catch them all! Steemimon!
And I choose you, Steemchu! xD

I want a closer look of the art (am artist) Thanks for giveaway!

With a fluttering heart she opened it. That last pack. A glint of gold.... Yesssss... That's it.. Come to mama little gold dragon 😂

That it's a nice thing to be on the edge of the sea,
When the mischievous mermaid comes to calm down
After a few terrible storms! And that the hairy Tritons,
Tops, on shaken waves, strike the airs of strange sounds
With their horny trunks, whose brightness makes them respectful
The most impetuous winds.


You were the only one that actually wrote something extra as requested so you are automatically the winner, congrats ;-)

Interestingly, Mischievous Mermaid was my last epic card I needed to complete all the epic cards.

I already sent you the booster pack, check your cards ;-)


Wow, thanks. I really appreciate it.