I received a Skeletal Warrior (Rare) card as a daily quest reward (2019.11.01)


Screenshot_2019-11-01 Splinterlands - Collect, Trade, Battle .png
Image source: Screenshot (Steem Monsters/Splinterlands).
Screenshot was taken on 2019.11.01, 04:32 CET.

I mostly receive common cards in daily quest rewards, which are mostly already parts of the Beta Starter Set, but sometimes I receive other types of rarities, for example Rare or Epic cards. Today (2019.11.01) is also such an occasion, when I received a Rare card.

This card is currently worth about $0.06 USD, and currently has 24 503 cards in circulation.

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i won a gold foil of that one for my daily today ;)


That is good, congratulations! I also had some gold foil cards in the past (probably not from this card, but I do not remember), but I sold them.
Although I will probably keep the next gold foil card that I receive for a longer time, because using the gold foil cards in battles giving us a boost on our Dark Energy Crystals (DEC) earnings.

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