To Buy or Not To Buy Crypto...


Promo cards to hand out at TokenFest!

I'm currently on a train heading up to TokenFest in Boston to represent Steem Monsters as part of the Steemit booth with @aggroed. Since I can't really get much development work done on the train, it gives me a rare opportunity to make a post about non-Steem Monsters stuff that's on my mind!

As the post title indicates, I've been thinking about whether or not to put more fiat into crypto lately as altcoin prices have dropped to very low levels.

Ultimately I have decided that I am going to put more in, considerably more for me at least. It is all money that I can afford to lose (even with recently leaving my job). I would never invest more than that. I don’t know how things will turn out, or what will happen in the future. I can only guess, and my guess is that, overall, cryptocurrencies will increase manyfold in value over the coming years. Even after the dot com bubble the solid companies that weathered the storm went on to see huge gains, so I just have to pick the winners!

If I’m wrong, I will likely lose my investment, which will suck but it won’t change my life much. If I’m right, though, then it will change my life significantly for the better. For those of you familiar with statistics and probability that means that this investment has a positive expected value. Based only on my guesses about the future of course.

Additionally, for the most part I’ve always been the guy that is thinking “I wish I bought in way back when…”, and I’m resolved not to be in that position again. I would rather take the risk that I’m the guy who says “I wish I hadn’t bought…” for the chance to finally be able to say that I did buy, and bought a lot, back in 2018 when STEEM dropped below $0.70 and ETH dropped below $180.

Only time will tell how this will turn out. For those of you doing the same, I think we’re in for a crazy ride, and I wish you luck! Finally, as a reminder, I am not a financial advisor and this should not, under any circumstances, be taken as financial advice!

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Personally I think we are still in 'falling knife' territory. I have 0 fiat to invest anyway, so the 'should I , shouldn't I' is not in the equation.

However, if i did have a little on the side, I would be quite happy paying a dollar a STEEM, knowing that a clear upswing in the markets had begun.

Good luck in the Steemit booth a Tokenfest, and congratulations on the alpha cards selling out spectacularly yesterday :)


Probably a falling knife, but I don't try to time the market...just try to invest in things I think will be good over the long term whenever money is available.

You might not be able to buy STEEM, but you're definitely putting in the time and energy to earn it. I really hope that works out for you since you set a great example for others.


Yes that makes sense, and there's a good deal of theory behind buying in in stages too.

try to invest in things I think will be good over the long term


Thanks for the encouragement Matt, have a good week :)

Hey Matt. I’m glad you got a breather and wrote this non tech post. Your topic hit the nail on the head with my sentiments about crypto investments. I started investing not too long ago when BTC dropped below $6k. I entered with BTC, switched to ETH , then diversified into alts. Initially I enjoyed some nice returns but didn’t have enough experience to set stop limits. It wasn’t long before I lost all of my gains and more when the market drastially plummeted. I kept hodling. It was a tough pill to swallow, but I learned my lesson.

Since then, my revised strategy is to buy into the red 5% after bottom occurs, then immediately sell after gaining 5-10%, then rinse and repeat. I plan to invest in cryptos very long term because I believe it will take 8-10 years for the solid coins to fruition. In the interim, while the market is displaying drastic volatility downward, I will take advantage of weekly small gains during this bear market until the bull re-appears. This trategy entails more work compared to your strategy, but I have fun doing it, so it’s more like a game for me. There will come a time when I will fully buy in and hodl but that time is not yet.

Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this important topic. I like seeing the non-tech side of you. Congrats on your achievements with SM thus far ans keep up the great work. Knock ‘em dead at the Boston convention.

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“I wish I bought in way back when…” = me in a nutshell too.

Luck has never been on my side with investment (thus not making it my source of income), but I am so tempted with this new low. Any chance it will get down to 25 cents? ;)

I have a stable career, suburban life, paying the outrageous prop tax here for the good school system... but is that what I want? Doing my best to give my kiddos a bright future...but we know 9-5 will only go so far. I see the potential in crypto, but it is a whole new world for me! I am learning from everyone here; that I will attribute to Steemit.

Safe travels to Boston!


Any chance it will get down to 25 cents? ;)

Who knows, lol! But probably good to still keep some extra cash handy to buy even more if it does...


I had to come back to this post. Omg, could this really happen?! STEEM possibly at 25 cents? We are nearly there! I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at my silly crypto investment. The smartest decision I made was to invest in Steem Monsters. So glad you came out with the game @yabapmatt!

Now I’m not sure what to do with this plunging Steem buy or not to buy..when tbh, I’d rather buy more Steem Monsters cards. 😁

Buy the dip or something!!! Don't invest more then you can afford to loose etc etc... Also big thanks for your bot tracking service, it's very useful!!! And good luck at the " TokenFest".


I'm no professional, but if someone asked me, I would tell them that I think it is a great time to buy some STEEM! Good luck with your investments! :) Have fun in Boston :D

Great strategy as I am also thinking the same... Putting some more fiat for the future into the most promising projects like Steem! When I started here, I would always say those that bought under $1 were geniuses so I feel pretty smart buying here right now. The way blockchain technology has proliferated this year reminds me of the internet boom and bust like you mention. Look at Amazon now at over $1 trillion in value while ot was written off after the dotcom bubble popped in 2000.

I am the .. wish I bought guy as well. I remember I ran a poker forum and had one of the members trying to sell me and other members Bitcoin for a dollar. I asked what was it and was told I could buy stuff with it online and that I should buy some as it will explode in value. My response. .... I can buy stuff with my real money why trade it for fake money. Stop trying to scam my forum members and then I proceeded to ban the dude. ... Whoops ...


Well in your defense that was a really dumb reason he gave for why you should buy some...


everyone have their regrettable memories. back then i can use part of my saving buying bitcoin. i could have own couple houses with nice car if i do so...

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I had the same thoughts. In the end I did decide to invest a bit more. Mostly into the larger crypto, but with a number of long shot options. It's money that I can afford (but prefer not to) to lose, time will tell if I got lucky or not!

"Considerably more"! Nice! Yaba has balls of steel and will drag Steem to the moon through sheer force of will. You are the lighthouse in the storm, my friend.


Well I plan to buy a basket of cryptos and not just STEEM...i already have way too much STEEM as a percentage of my portfolio. Gotta diversify! But as for the STEEM I have and am earning, I am gonna do what I can to drag it up to the moon.

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Amen ! Thank you for @Steemmonsters !
I believe in you and @aggroed, some people doubt it.
I add a question, considering the amount of money you « raised » are you recruiting new people?
Take care.

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the cards look dope. Have fun at Steemfest (dare I say, vlog?). Happy to hear you've made teh plunge full time into steem monsters :P


No vlogging for me, but can't wait until our video interview comes out!

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I think you can invest 50% of what you have and wait until the prices go high again. You never know! Maybe the next January will be good like the last one. It is very difficult to predict anything, but the SMT project in march might change something. Lets hope for the best :)

This was not an easy train to get on in the first place. Anyways hoping for the best and if does turn out good this time, it is definitely going to achieve gains of ALL TIME HIGH.

I think that you've done the right thing, you've invested in something that you believe and know much more deeply than other investors. Of course time will tell but it's better to try and lose than to never tried of.

Those promo cards look awesome! You guys should totally make a physical version of the game and sell it as well, it would be a great way to promote Steemit and Steem Monsters online. :) hehe yeah I don't have any fiat to invest right now. I invested way too much at the end of December and early January. :( haha


We're considering doing a physical version of some sort, but let's get the digital game up and running first!


Awesome! :) hehe yes good plan. lol :) I can't wait to play, been slowly accumulating cards.

There is this old saying you should buy when there is blood on the streets and yes this deep dive into depression with altcoins couöd turn out to be a perfect buying opportunity!!!

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good luck at tokenfest and massive congrats for all the steem monsters success.

love the outlook to. heck if all this goes to zero we’re still learning a ton and meeting great people in the process.

i’m in the camp of ‘stack as much of this while it’s cheap’ lol 2018 is a great time to position

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Good for you! While the stupidity of our society always makes us have to say that we're not giving financial advice and you're responsible for yourself and blah blah blah, I personally feel like crypto is a great investment. That's my own personal opinion though and I'm allowed to have it. :P

I think it would be pretty cool to have physical Steem Monster cards. I haven't really taken the plunge yet with crypto so far down. I'm keeping expenses to an absolute minimum right now. I think it would be nice to have some physical cards that allowed me to retrieve digital copies. I liked collecting MTG cards when I did, and Marvel cards before that.

Good afternoon my friend!! Good post. I want to invite you to stop by my last post about 5 keys to be a successful trader. You will probably like it ;)

I would very much appreciate your support. A big hug and greetings :)

Hello @yabapmatt, how's it going?

I have a suggestion for you bro. Can you please update bottracker's active bots list so people don't send any funds to closing bots? I've sent some $s to @lrd (as it was supposed to be an active service) but now I found out that the bot is closing operations and won't refund any bidders.

Thanks a lot for you help and the awesome tool you have!

Last year as soon as Steem hit $0.70 it very quickly rebounded up to about $2.40. With it being under $0.70, right now I think this is an incredible time to buy.

Brah, can I get one or two of these cards just for my personal card collection? I have a bunch of Magic cards, as well as some baseball cards, if you're willing to trade ;-)!

for the most part I’ve always been the guy that is thinking “I wish I bought in way back when…”, and I’m resolved not to be in that position again

Sounds like story of my life lol. Didn't get into crypto in 2014 cause "it was dead", never will I make the same mistake again. It's life-changing wealth or bust for me.

As for putting more fiat into crypto, I think it's a decent moment to do that, personally I'm still saving up for a couple of months, as I see the market tumbling down one more time before the bear sang its final tune.
And if I'm wrong, I'll still be buying Bitcoin at a decent $10-12k, which down the road will look like peanuts.

I'll still take it as a financial advice and buy even more Steem :)

Have a great couple of days Tokenfest, - I am sure you will have a really good time networking in Boston - with all the other great Ambassadors for Steemit. I hope you get to speak with Matt and Dylan from @Oracle-d. I see similarities in @oracle-d and @steem-monsters in a desire to bring in new money into the blockchain. @steem-monsters from individuals and @oracle-d from businesses.
Matt - good luck on the crazy ride - I've invested today too!

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well, as for me, I don't think we should be panic as we called this marketing period, Good time is ahead as I always quote "All that is necessary for evil to succeed is for good men to do nothing."

I am also buying, but don't know if this is a good sign as I never earned anything with investment. So I really hope your luck and knowledge is greater than my bad luck:)

It is interesting to find this writing, @yabapmatt where I can see the humility of your words to exress what you think. Certainly we can not know how the future will be to know if what we do today, tomorrow will be beneficial, but we must definitely take into account the intuition and risk, because there is a saying that says "he who does not risk, does not win".
I am very happy to know that you are going that train, where many of us would like to be to attend that festival, I send you a lot of good vibes that shine in your stand and please give my special greeting and blessings to @aggroed I wish you the best.

I like these writings, where you can see a little bit the human part of the witnesses that I support. From a distance and without knowing them I learn a little of them. Good vibes for everyone.

Hey @yabapmatt -- love what you're doing with SteemMonsters! I'm working on an dApp of my own, actually. I was hoping to pick your brain a little bit about the custom JSON stuff. Is there a good way to get a hold of you? Discord, perhaps?

Let me know if you have a minute or two one of these days -- I'd appreciate it!


Sure I would be happy to help out. You can get in touch with me on the steem monsters discord:

I think cryptos are where to invest, to keep way ahead of inflation.

Congrats on leaving your job!
I think it's a good bet.
Best of luck!

Buy is my opinion at these prices, Id have done the same if I had any extra fiat right now. Hoping to be able to accumulate more before it takes off in the near future.
Only thing I can say to you as someone who went through the last bull run from begining to end is forget hodling, take profits when it booms I rode that roller coaster all the way up and all the way back down, 10x my investment and rode it back down 80% from what I initially put in but learned my lesson and am ready for next bull run. I was new in the space thought it was going to keep going up not understanding markets at the time.
We just got be patient its going to boom and these are the prices you want to get in at not when its half way up already and if it drops could always buy more but I don't see it going much lower then where were at already.