Lesson # 2 | Creating Content

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Hello Newbies!

We are opening our lesson for today with a video by @papa-pepper. This is actually Video #2 of a series of videos he especially made for newbies. In this particular video, he shares tips and his recommendations on how to create content. If you'd like to see more of his videos, you will easily find him in Youtube just by typing "papa-pepper".

Advise from @papa-pepper

I couldn't agree more with what he says about focusing on content. Your content will represent who you are so I recommend you put some time and effort into it. There are a lot of ways to present it, but I think we would all agree that the more details you provide, the better. Including a lot of pictures is just one way to go about it. These days, it's becoming popular to add videos too.

If all the wonderful posts you've read in the platform has pumped you into creating your own posts but don't know where to start or how to present your ideas, let me help you by pointing you to my favorite content creators. I know these steemians for their expertise in their niche and they have their own style in presenting their work.


Dogwood Mosaic Comes Alive Through the Glazing Phase by @natureofbeing

@natureofbeing is an artist specializing in all things clay and tile. She is very focused on self-mastery, which is very apparent on her posts. I found her blog after she left a comment on one of my posts and I've been a fan ever since. Her posts walk me through the process of her commissioned projects; from the very beginning where it starts with abstract notion and concepts, to the steps it took for those to take a physical form - drawing the design, cutting the detailed pieces from wet clay, glazing the tiles, and putting all the pieces together to form one awesome artwork. What I admire the most is the meticulous way she works on every single tile to perfectly fit each other -from size, to shape, to color, to feel- creating the most beautiful creations.


World’s highest and longest glass bridge didn’t scare me! by @joythewanderer

I follow @joythewanderer because of the way she takes me to places I've never been to through her blogs. It feels like sensory overload when she goes through every single detail of her experience at a certain place she visits. I swear my eyes were getting teary looking at all the photos of the dazzling mirror mosaics in Ali Ibn Hamzeh shrine in Iran; there was a also a time when I could already smell all the coffee presented in front of her when she went coffee-cupping in Europalia Arts Festival; and the first ever blog of hers that I read was when she was in Barcelona for La Merce Festival where the firework event was opened with a Bjork song and it wasn't hard to imagine how much fun she was having at the festival, where she also personally met a Steemian for the very first time. It's always like that with the way she writes; it's almost as if she wants me to be wherever she was and experience the whatever she was enjoying at that moment.


The Tenth Lunar Month Festival or Ching Pred Ceremony in Phatthalung, in the South of Thailand by @tangmo

One of my favorite topics in my own blog is the rich culture of my country. It's one of those topics that just come out naturally because I grew up living with it. I think the best thing about it is that you get to showcase your country's culture from a local's perspective. One of the blogs I frequently visit is that of @tangmo, who is absolutely brilliant in giving a tour of her beautiful country, Thailand. I got drawn to her posts because of the way she gives light to that side of Thailand underneath their breath-taking beaches. I learn a lot of Thai words too, as she is fond of translating the names of places, temples, and food that she writes about in her blogs.

In lesson #1, it was explained why it is crucial for you to engage with the community. I found these three lovely ladies because each of them left a comment to one of my posts. They engage, they go out of their own blogs and are not too busy to read someone else's story. Engagement is not only for you to find potential audience to your posts but also so you can fully enjoy what it means to be part of this community.This is just three of the thousands of gifted content creators in Steemit and if you take the time to marvel at other people's work instead of looking at the votes you got, you just might realize how much this platform can offer; true growth that's beyond cryptos and fiat.


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thanks for the fantastic mention, it's an honor!!


And thank you for the support, @natureofbeing! =D

Hello, your post was nominated for an upvote by a fellow within the Sndbox incubator. Thanks for sharing @steemnest. Steem on :D


Thank you @sndbox. You and your brilliant fellows are the best!

Great tips and lessons @steemnest! 💖


I know what you did and I thank you from the bottom of my heart! Thank you for the huge support you've been giving this project since the beginning. I hope you'd find this useful with your new recruits this Saturday. You guys are the bestest!

Thanks for putting these together. It can really help a lot of steemians, old and new. Keep 'em coming @steemnest!


You're welcome, @arrliinn! I hope your recruits would find these lessons helpful. Heard about the fantastic job you did for your first meet-up in UAE! Hugs all the way from Pinas!


Thanks @steemnest, that was really an overwhelming event. We are now having talks about a next get together. Hehe! I've shared this link to the group. I'm sure they'll learn a lot from this.

wow nice article and discussion. this will be so helpful in my future posts. thanks for sharing. :)


I'm glad you find this helpful, @robiney!

wow @steemnest. i was looking for some guidelines on how to post in different categories here in steemit and here it is. thanks for this! :) sure it will help many


You're welcome @patricjames! Should you have more questions or if you need any help, please feel free to join our @steemph family in discord.

I've loved your first two lessons! Thank you for helping out us newbs in the community. Resteemed


Thank you for sharing this to your followers @coachjj!

I've learned a lot, but i have two take aways.

First - Do not compromise your quality over quantity (do not post multiple articles if they are low quality)

Second - Be professional
This is a big help for us newbies. Thank you @papa-pepper for your support in this community. Also thanks to miss @luvabi for sharing and supporting as well. A 15 minutes video of wonderful words from papa-pepper.

Thank you for this information. This is very helpful!

I agree completely. You miss out on so much when you don't read other people's posts. Thanks for posting.

Thank you @steemnest for sharing this sopporting guidlines for us...😇

thanks for the post i think this one was writing because of me.i keep learning as the day goes by THUMBS UP.

Kumusta steemnest! :)

Thanks for this one. I learned some good stuff from the wise papa pepa.

im following u and upvoted now.

Thanks for the tips. I will keep that in mind. ;)