Which accounts write about Steem? - (Hivemind Automated Steem News Feed)

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Please suggest accounts that write Newsworthy STEEM content for our upcoming "Steem News"


The steem News manually curated by @pennsif was an amazing project, I would personally visit it every single day, and we're sad to see it go (it was very very time intensive). He's moved on to other great projects and we wish him the best.

We would like to continue to provide you with a news feed that keeps you up to date with what is going on in Steem itself. We are considering moving to an automated feed that will pull from accounts that are known to post about Steem itself.


"The update to the Steem News page will be the first new feature powered by our own hivemind server. We don't need the perfect list of accounts at the beginning, we can always fine tune it later and add filters." - @asgarth


This is where you guys come in... what would those accounts be you'd like to see?


Things to consider

  • We can fine tune and add filters particularly filters to the first tag.
  • How many, IF ANY, bot accounts that report statistics of Steem?
  • How much content should be Steem related to be included on the list?
  • Which dapps are steem news feed worthy? We're saying interfaces are.
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If you are looking for steem related content, my blog mostly posts/resteems steem related content, sometimes opinionated but I try to select it to what I think my readers are interested in.

@taskmaster4450 does opinionated pieces about everything steem related and makes reports about the ecosystem.

@timcliff does many steem related posts that give a good overview in my opinion

@gtg should never be missed here

some other voices, not sure how much of their posts are only about steem: @aggroed, @steemchiller, @thecryptodrive, @therealwolf, @neoxian, @holger80

Most of the other good people in my feed are currently not posting much. Hope thins helps in compiling a list :)


Thanks for the list.

Those ones that don't post much but when they do it's pretty newsworthy... that's exactly the stuff we're hoping for as well.

For your consideration @steempeak, I always like to be kept current on services which are universally available and helpful to all Steemians.

Some examples:

  1. SteemWorld app of @steemchiller.

  2. @dustsweeper service of @danielsaori.

  3. "Income" services like @steembasicincome of @josephsavage and @upvoteshares of @costanza.

That said, I realize it might be ... uhhh ... "tricky" to navigate through the potentially choppy political waters of citing one service which may have one or more competitive alternatives. Especially when these might be due to the efforts of one or more of our all-important Steem Witnesses ...

Separately, I also always like to read all written by anyone doing anything to improve both the "backbone" of the Steem blockchain, in general, and the value of the Steem blockchain, in particular. For example, I personally really liked the "Leaving Survive Mode and Beta" post from @steemitblog which showed up a few days ago and the brief glimpse we all got into 4 key people - @justinw, @vandeberg, @roadscape, and @andrarchy - and their individuals roles in the progress made.

Whatever decisions are made, given the broad range of possibilities, I think it will be key to be sure the selected content is categorized so everyone can easily and efficiently get to whatever may be of interest to them.

Hope this helps a little.


Agreed with those developers.

There are certainly lots of authors who ONLY post when they make a big update to steem backbone or it's something pretty influential. Those ones we really need in here as well.

I think frequency of posting has a big impact of what goes into the feed and something we'll probably look into. For example @steemmonsters has a big impact on steem... however they post a lot of content that isn't necessarily newsworthy... it's just content to engage their own community.

When many of these dapps do something newsworthy we'd love to have them in there... but we have to keep in mind that they also post content that is meant to keep their users engaged or update just them.

But there are other people that comment on newsworthy stuff users do so that maybe covers those cases.


Yes @jarvie ...

"When many of these dapps do something newsworthy we'd love to have them in there... but we have to keep in mind that they also post content that is meant to keep their users engaged or update just them."

... agreed. How then to filter the content, so only "newsworthy" content gets passed on? And by what criteria is that determined?

I know! We need an AI bot to ... No, no, I did not say that! 😉

I would read @pennsif everyday too. So this is more than welcome news to me to hear of a potential upcoming alternative

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@yabapmatt would be good his posts are always pertinent to Steem and newsworthy.
Actually @ned and @andrarchy often post steem related stuff... however what if they want to post life stuff then maybe limit to tags as well? some of their developers

If you can filter by tags then maybe @aggroed as well... there's lots of steem related content but plenty of other stuff.

@pennsif may still have plenty of steem related content with some of the series he does.
I bet he has a good list of the accounts he checked when he did his updates.


you could probably arrange with those authors when they write a post about steem news to use a tag for it.


I'd like for it to not be too demanding specially for a new feature that doesn't have a big following... yet. So it'd be nice to go in and see what tags are already being used.

#steem-news tag would be great.... HOWEVER ... I'm not sure if we can view other tags or just the first tag. If so that would be problematic because many people have priority usage for that first tag.

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IF someone wanted to create a post that re-shared strictly news-worthy stuff or curated (up-voted) Only newsworthy posts. AND were planning on being pretty consistent with it... Please feel free to let us know.

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