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Good morning my fellow steemians, I'm here now just brighten up your face and remind you guys about our different childhood days. It was fun really and I can't stop laughing reading it below.


When I was Younger :
• I'd put my arms in my shirt and
told people I lost my arms
• Would restart the video game
whenever I knew I was going to

  • Dipped my school uniform in water
    pretending to have forgotten it there just
    to avoid going to school.

• Had that one pen with four
colors, and tried to push all the
buttons at once

• Waited behind a door to scare
someone, then leaving because
they're taking too long to come

• Faked being asleep, so I could
be carried to bed

• Used to think that the moon
followed our car

• Tried to balance the switch
between On/ Off.

• Watching two drops of rain roll
down window and pretending it
was a race

• The only thing i had to take
care of was a school bag.

• Swallowed a fruit seed I was
scared to death that a tree was
going to grow in my tummy.

• Closed the fridge extremely
slowly to see when the lights
went off.

• Walked into a room,. forgot
what you needed, Walked out,
and then remember.

  • Drew a car on the floor and tried to drive it.

If u u really went through dis can you just give a comment and resteem.

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I appreciate all my sources of inspiration and help on steemit. Thank you all

Thanks for reading my blog @unicorn3221 and do check back for more inspiring updates.

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Very good article:)


Thanks sylaba25

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