How To Buy Tron By Yourself in Nigeria

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Hello my Naija peeps,

A lot of DeFi smart contracts and new crypto investment opportunities are being launched daily that enable people to earn legitimately online. Almost all the new crypto investment opportunities are being deployed on the Tron Blockchain. Even older investment opportunities that were launched initially on other crypto blockchains like on bitcoin or ethereum blockchains are now deploying their investment platforms and smart contracts on the Tron Blockchain.
Why are new businesses and investment opportunities being deployed on the Tron blockchain you might ask??? The reason is simple –

  1. Transactions on the Tron blockchain is super fast. 20 times faster than the bitcoin and ethereum blockchains. There is no delay in sending and receiving of funds on the Tron blockchain.
  2. Cost of transaction on the Tron blockchain is very low. Transaction charges are almost zero.
    This two factors makes Tron the best and hottest crypto “money” being used right now by developers to launch new crypto businesses and investment opportunities.
    With that being said, you need to know how you can buy Tron with Naira to fund your Tron wallets here in Nigeria easily by yourself. Instead of asking someone else to do it for you and you pay a higher price for Tron because the other person will charge you a commission for his/her services.

Roqqu Signup.png

Introducing Roqqu: -
This is one of the best crypto exchanges in Nigeria that enables you buy and sell crypto currencies like bitcoin, ethereum, usdt, tron and a host of other crypto currencies. Infact, they are the only exchange in Nigeria that sells tron directly and you pay with Naira from your bank account.
So how do you get started?

  1. Simply log on to their official website at:
  2. Create a free account
  3. Add your bank account details and verify it using your BVN number. Please note that verifying your account removes the limit on transactions placed on unverified accounts. Unverified accounts can only purchase or sell crypto to the value of twenty thousand (N20,000) daily.
  4. Log into your account and click “Deposit” to add the amount of Naira you wish to spend to purchase your desired crypto, in this example Tron.
  5. Enter the amount of Naira you want to deposit into your roqqu account, and click on “Proceed with deposit”
  6. Select “Bank Transfer”
  7. It will generate two unique bank details for you that you can make payments into. These banking details are from Providus bank and Wema bank. IT IS HIGHLY RECOMMENDED THAT YOU ALWAYS USE THE BANK DETAILS FROM PROVIDUS BANK TO MAKE A DEPOSIT INTO YOUR ROQQU ACCOUNT. Note that your unique roqqu bank deposit account name will be in this format: roqqu YourFirstName, (e.g; roqqu Esther).
  8. Now use your normal bank account or any bank account to transfer the amount of money you want to use to buy crypto/Tron into your unique roqqu bank account. Once your transfer into your roqqu account is received, Roqqu will immediately credit your account with the amount received and you will also get a notification email/text message confirming your deposit. It takes a few minutes to display inside your roqqu account.
  9. Now click on “Wallet” to take you to the main dashboard. You should now boldly see the amount of Naira you deposited into your roqqu account showing boldly. If it has not shown up yet, wait for a few minutes and refresh the page. Your deposited funds will reflect.
  10. Once your funds are in your roqqu account, then click on “Buy/Sell” button to buy Tron
  11. Click on “Instant Buy”
  12. You will be asked “Which Digital Currency Do You Want To Buy?”. Select “TRX” which is Tron and click it.
  13. You will now be taken to “BUY TRX” page, and asked “How much do you want to buy?” Enter the amount of Naira you want to spend to buy Tron in the space provided and click on “Proceed with purchase”.
  14. It will now display “Confirm Purchase of TRX”. Here you will see details of the transaction you are about to make. You will see the cost of one Tron in Naira, How much Naira you are spending, Transaction charges and how many Trons you will be getting. Once you are ok with everything, click on “purchase”.
  15. You will be asked to authorize the transaction. At this point, an authorization code will be sent to your email address attached to your roqqu account. Log into your email to retrieve the authorization code and enter it into the space provided, and transaction is approved. ***** Please note that this mode of authorizing transactions is for PC only. If you are using their roqqu app on your mobile devices, authorizing transactions is by a special unique Pin code which you will be required to create when logging into your account via their mobile app for the first time.
  16. Click on “Wallet” to take you back to your main dashboard, scroll down and you will see that you now have Tron in your wallet. Voila!!!!!! You have just bought Tron crypto with Naira. Very simple and straight forward. You now can use the Tron you just purchased to do whatever online business you like that requires the use of Tron as means of Payment/participation. You can send the Tron purchased to other of your Tron wallets right from your Roqque Tron wallet. You will also notice on your main dashboard that the Naira volume in your roqqu account has gone down because you have used it to buy Tron.
    Now you have Tron, you have the power.
    You can watch the video of this tutorial at:
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