How To Withdraw Tronchain Earnings


1A. If you are using a mobile device, log into your trochain account from your wallet browser (either Klever wallet or Tronlink Pro wallet), and type in "TRXCHAIN.IO".
1B. If you are logging in from your PC or Laptop, first of all open your Tronlink Pro wallet extension and log into your wallet. Then open a webpage window and type "TRXCHAIN.IO".

trx withdraw.png

  1. Once your Tronchain account comes up, scroll down to the "PERSONAL STATISTICS" section. In this section, you will see all details concerning your personal investment. Go down to the bottom where you will see "Unwithdrawn Income" - Now that is the amount of your daily 1% earnings that is available for you to withdraw into your wallet.
  2. Below the "unwithdrawn income", you will see the "WITHDRAW" button. Click on it, confirm the withdrawal and your earnings will be sent to your wallet.
    *** Please note that you must have at least six to ten Trons in your wallet before your withdrawal request will go through. This is to cover for the Tron network transaction charges.
    Incase you haven't joined tronchain yet, kindly do so using the link below:
    You can also watch a video of this tutorial below:
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