Introducing: Forsage - A Smart Contract On The Tron BlockChain

2년 전

Hello my Naija peeps on steemit and to every steemian as well.
I would like to introduce you all to an online investment program built on the Tron blockchain.
Introducing Forsage - a tron blockchain smart contract.


Here is a brief introduction to this wonderful opportunity:
What does "decentralized" Marketing mean? What are the advantages and what are the benefits?

Decentralized marketing is created with an automated contract that offers you maximum security and sustainability. A smart contract is an automatic execution algorithm. It exists within the Tron blockchain , one of the TOP cryptographic currency.
Smart contracts, like crypto currencies, are decentralized. They work strictly according to the underlying program, without the possibility of subsequently changing the defined execution.
The code that contains all the logic of the contract expiration is on the blockchain and all calculations are provided by millions of computers around the world.
This ensures that there is no risk of hacking into the smart contract and stopping the project.

In simple terms, let me break it down to you, how Forsage works to make you money:

  1. Forsage is a system that lets you invest some money to join, and you make money when you invite other people to join as well via your referral link.
  2. It copies the MLM (multi level marketing) system where you can earn from the people you invite directly and also from people your direct referrals bring as well upto like 15 levels.
  3. There are different positions (slots) you can upgrade to in order to earn even bigger returns when you buy those slots. each higher position costs more as you upgrade.
  4. For example, entry level A costs N100. If you upgrade your level to level B, the new higher level costs N200.
    And so will your earning potential be increased too. If you invite someone to join, the person you invited will be placed under you.
  5. Your invited person when they register will earn you N100 at the entry level A. Now, if that person goes ahead and upgrades to level B, you will earn N200 from that person provided you too are on level B or higher as well.
  6. Forsage uses crypto currency as the means of investment. Right now Forsage uses either Ethereum and Tron as the Money. When ever you invest money, it goes directly to someone and not to a "central admin account".
  7. Everything is a Locked Contract System and is not what anyone can tamper with once it is launched. And all transactions are transparent and is open to the public to view. That's the beauty of blockchain technology.


Now, that you know what Forsage smart contract is all about, I guess you are wondering how do I get into the "action"? it's quite simple basically, all you will require are: -

  1. a referral link from the person that introduced you. in this case - me!!!!!!
  2. A tron wallet ( I recommend Token Pocket - for android or Iphone)
  3. An exchange App ( I highly recommend Roqqu app for Nigerians which enables you to buy Tron with Naira directly using your bank account).
    Once you have purchased Tron into your crypto wallet to be used for the program, you will now go ahead and register for Forsage using my referral link.
    You need 400 trons to register for Forsage which is roughly N8,000 (Eight thousand naira) for Nigerians or $14 for others in your local currency.
    So, hurry and get these here:
    My Forsage referral Link
    Token Pocket Wallet
    Roqqu App

I also invite everyone that wants to be part of my Forsage team to join my telegram chat group Here


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