Ninja Token: The best way to create a Steem account

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I know I probably speak for a lot of people when I say that getting started with a Steem account isn’t always easy. Ask anyone that has been on the platform for some time and you will no doubt hear countless stories about users waiting days, weeks, or months to get their account approval.

On top of that, once your account is created, you start with basically none of the resources you need to perform operations on the Steem Blockchain. Simple tasks like commenting, upvoting, and posting are severely limited because you simply do not have the SP(Steem Power), VP(voting power), or RC (resource credits).

Steem Ninja is a great way to easily and quickly get an account created on the Steem blockchain. On top of that, when you purchase your account using Steem Ninja you are automatically awarded 15 SP for ninety days.

Steem Ninja also has a voucher program so you can gift a Steem account(or several) to friends/family/followers if you so desire. Unlike directly buying an account from Steem Ninja(via credit card), the voucher program uses Steem Ninja's exclusive token.

I've walked through the process here so you can see how easy it is to convert some of your spare Steem into an account voucher.

Steem Ninja token on Steem Engine

The first thing I needed to do is get my Steem over to the Steem Engine Exchange. You can use my link, or if you are already on the page looking at the tokens, you can click on the icon of two arrows I have shown above.

Steem Ninja Listing

Either of those methods should bring you to a page that looks like this. The next step is to simply click on the "Deposit Steem" button.

Market Depth

The going price for the Ninja token was about 2.10 Steem when I made the exchange.

Deposit Steem

I know that a Steem Ninja Voucher costs 2.5 Ninja tokens to purchase, so I deposited 6.0 Steem to make sure I could cover the cost of the tokens and the small deposit fee that they charge.

Purchasing Tokens

Then it was just a matter of entering the number of tokens that I wanted to buy and the price that I was willing to buy them at. As I said, the going rate was around 2.1 Steem per token, so that is the rate I choose to exchange at. If you are the type who likes to "play the exchange game", you might be able to get a better rate.

Steem Wallet 1

With my Ninja Tokens securely in my wallet, I knew I was ready to go turn them in for my voucher.

Purchase Voucher

I clicked on "Buy an account voucher now"...

Steem Connect

Then I was prompted to enter my Steem account name so I could checkout via Steemconnect.

Steem Connect Verify

Finally, I was asked if I wanted to confirm the transaction. I clicked "continue" of course!

Steem Engine Wallet 2

I jumped back over to Steem Engine to check my wallet and sure enough the 2.5 Ninja Tokens I had in there were now gone.

Steem Ninja Wallet

Steem Ninja also has their own wallet where you can see your tokens and transactions.

Steem Wallet Transactions

They say the transaction can take up to five minutes sometimes, but mine was done within seconds. In my Steem Wallet I could see there was a transaction from They send you the voucher code in a private memo so you are going to need your private memo key to see it. I had actually never used that feature before, so it actually took me longer to get my private memo key than it did for the transaction to show up!

Once you have your voucher key you can give that to the person who is going to own the account and direct them to this page.

Take Note!

The system has you choose your account name and distributes your private keys before you enter your voucher code. If you are gifting this to someone make sure they are cautious not to quickly click past this part as we all know how important those private keys are!

If you are a Discord user, Steem Ninja has their own Discord Server and if you verify your account, you gain access to the giveaway channel where they sometimes give away voucher codes. Additionally, they had a Ninja Token airdrop that is finished now, but I have it on good authority there could be more in the future.

The Steem blockchain is rapidly growing with new accounts and Dapps being developed every day. If you know someone who likes to write, game, draw, travel, cook, eat, take pictures, etc... you are doing them a disservice by not inviting them to Steem.

Steem Ninja isn't the only way to create an account on Steem, but when you finally invite those close to you, don't you want them to create their account the best way? With Steem Ninja they can have a starting delegation that will give them a definite advantage over others who created their account the traditional way.

Logo used with permission, all other screenshots are mine.

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Does that voucher include the 90 15SP delegation?

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  ·  2년 전

Yes! It does! With the voucher you get 1 account and a ninety day fifteen SP delegation so you can hit the ground running.


woooow its OWN wallet for a STEEm engine coin?? do @yabapmatt and @aggroed know about this? a REAL use case for steem engine, creating steem accounts!

Man i wish steem had a tip bot for reddit and I even posted today about how @tipu could create a tip bot for reddit users to recieve steem to get them used to steem blockchain, and how one could tip enough steem to create an instant steem account via by @pharesim but now I see, if you already have a TOKEn for creating a steem account, you could toip people with a REDDIt tip bot or twitter, that let people create steem accounts , hopefully this works even if you dont have an existing steem account, right? if someone was sent enough ninja tokens they can make their very first steem account right?

  ·  2년 전

That is correct. If you have a credit card you can also create an account through Steem Ninja and get the free 15 SP delegation for 90 days.

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I just did this but no log in keys given

Thanks for the informative post I have a friend at work who is considering starting on Steemit, if he decides to go ahead I will go ahead and do this for him

  ·  2년 전

Awesome! I am glad to hear that!

this great. Maybe I've been living under a rock lol but I hadnt heard of steem ninja. Thanks for doing such and in depth post. I'm diggin in and will use it.

  ·  2년 전

Thanks! I appreciate the feedback! It is a really great project and you should definitely look into it. Besides onboarding people Ninja tokens will be able to be used for other things in the future too.

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I'll have this bookmarked so that when my wife or one of my friends to create their own account I can always check this article for an easy step by step guide. Thanks for sharing.

  ·  2년 전

No problem! The Ninja token is going to have a lot of awesome potential in the future obi recommend picking some up sooner rather than later!

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  ·  2년 전

Thank you sir for giving those information. It's really a great project 👌👌

  ·  2년 전

I am glad you liked it! It is a really great project. It's only going to keep getting better too!

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One of your latest updates doesn't give people who create accounts a Master Password!

I recently paid for an account using my bank card however I'm not given any key to log in. How do I get this?

  ·  2년 전

You bought a voucher? This post is specifically about using the Ninja token to buy a voucher. I recommend you visit the Steem Ninja Discord, they should be able to help you out.

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