Different versions of Steemnova

5년 전

You can always have versions of the game with and without paying customers.

Another version that should be there is one that allows bots. A non paying universe, a paying universe, and a universe in which bots are allowed. Wouldn't that be awsome?

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We're working (if we get more players) on 2nd Universe, where you can buy Dark Matter using your Steem / SBD. But our priority is to fix engine and get more players


Bots that are AI player, or bots which are used by human player to make game easier?


Both of them. I dream of starting by automating certain tasks, but it would be a great experience to try to build a bot that kind of thinks. Weird. The crucial thing is that players have to be aware of the presence of bots, either simple ones or thinking ones.

Bot playing steemnova looks weird... The game will lost the true essence of enjoyment if you contested with AI.


Not really. I think it would be fun to compete with bots, either AI ones or task automating ones. As long as the players know if they are playing against bots or not, it's fine, I believe.

One game is playing the game. The other game is building and tweaking the bot. Very different games, and both of them a lot of fun. Besides, playing with bots helps you to build your computer skills, which means a lot in this programmers' world we live in.