Steemnova - recylcing

5년 전

I just got my first, brand new recycler, so I wanted to go in a recycling tour. But I do not seem to find a way to do it. From what I have read in the Internet, I shoud see an option named Harvest among the missions available, while sending a fleet. But I don´t. I do not believe this is a bug, since some players have a lot of recyclers, so they must be recycling often.

Can anybody help? @marsell has the record for the number of recyclers, and I have seen comments from him before. Perhaps he can drop a line regarding this.

Thank you. I am enjoying Steemnova a lot.

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In fleet menu after choosing recyclers you need to specify destiny (coords) and choose "debris" right next to the coords.

debirs looks like this:

Hope it's clear now :)


Tks, pal! Superb. The recycling mission is on it´s way.

@gregario, Upvote is the only thing I can support you.



Mirá quién apareció! Busco tus artículos cuando entro. Los voto casi siempre, los leo poco! No porque haye dejado de admirar tu prosa (y tu poesía), sino porque ando corriendo, como todo vulgar mortal.


Core todo lo que puedas, pero déjate ver de vez en cuando. Me ha encantado saludarte de nuevo.

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