Mini Games in Steemnova Game

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Hello there fellow gaming steemians!

Lets begin with my personal feelings. I like strategy games, a lot. I also like steem, so i am generally very happy that we have some strategy games here. BUT. This games we can play, and the one which is coming (nextcolony) have some maior problems. I am not a programmer, so i cant just make better one. However there is game that in my opinion is really close to be a great strategy game supply by steem: @steemnova. It has its problems, big ones, but lets leave them for know. I already make some proposition, what could make steemnova more attractive game for steemians, but it would be, as i understand to difficult to make, especially that they sounds to be pointless without different kind of changes (likes better UI). I understand this and accept. But then i saw screenshots and other things from nextcolony(i had some hopes for it) which make me sad, and i started to think what i could do to make steemnova better without involving to much work, and to do it as just a player(without asking dev :> yes i didnt consultant this with dev). And this is what i come up with:

1. Moon vaults


OK, so i think buying resources or upgrades is boring, and it dosent give much fun. But what you think, about buying a high but only a chance to get a lot of resources?
Lets describe my idea: I will give resources that will be kept in save, and hidden on 3 moons from 7 that i have (i have 8 but lets exclude moon on my home solar system). Each moon will have different difficulty lvl to get to the resources, and different starting amount of resources. Moon vault 1 - you must only get there first and on time (2 000 000 Metal, 1 000 000 Crystal and 500 000 deut at start). Moon vault 2 - there will be small fleet to defense (4 000 000 Metal, 2 000 000 Crystal and 1 000 000 deut at start) and moon vault 3 - there will be quiet big fleet to defense (8 000 000 Metal, 4 000 000 Crystal and 2 000 000 deut at start). I will also provide a minimal amount of resources ( 2 000 000 Metal, 1 000 000 Crystal and 500 000 deut for each vault) that will refill vaults daily. I will stop sending res if there will be a lot of other ppl who will want to do it.
The position of each vault will not be public, and wont be permanent - i will mix their position daily. To obtain information about it you will have to send me 0,1 STEEM with memo "show me vault 1", or "show me vault 2", or "show me vault 3" in exchange you will get minimal transfer with encrypted memo with information about actual position of vault that you ask about.
This information is not nesesery, you can attack me without it, but it will be easier to prepare with this knowledge.
So how to attack me if resources will be kept save? You need to send me 0,5 STEEM for vault 1, 1 STEEM for vault 2 and 1,5 STEEM for vault 3 all with memo "Open Sesame". One transfer allow you to attack with one fleet, and only for 30 minutes. 30 minutes clock will start with notification (by transfer with encrypted memo) that your vault is open. Hard to do? Not if you will buy information where the vault is. And even without this info it is still possible. What is more, it is also for your better chance, so pirates wont took your price first. Remember one transfer - one fleet. If I will see you are sending more then one fleet you wont get anything, and also there will be chance that you will meet with my full strike forces. Also you cant send Death Stars, they are excluded from all my games. The steemnova itself provide one more restriction, you will be able to attack me only 6 times per day. O, and one more thing: to all pirates, you can attack when someone else open the vault, but you wont have guarantee that i wont send help to protect the treasure.
And last thing. I always thought that all "P2W" elements should be used that new player could have better chance to catch up with leaders, because of that i will not allow to participate in this part of game anyone who is top40. But dont worry, Even top players will be able to participate in payouts. Vault will be open for income, so everyone can put in it some resources, and depend on how much you will send your res, you will get your share with payouts, explanation in next chapter. But what is important there will be 2 limits. First one user cant send more then 6kk Metal+3kk Crystal+1,5kk Deut, or equivalent with standard ratio 4:2:1 (so for example not more then 18kk Metal). Second: all vaults will have maximum capacity: 1 -> 20kk Metal, 10kk Crystal, 5kk deut , 2-> 40kk Metal, 20kk Crystal, 10kk deut, 3-> 60kk Metal, 30kk Crystal, 15kk deut.
How will look sending resources to the vaults? You just need to send your resources to my moon at coordinate: 1:161:8, and i will split it equally between all vaults, if there will be max in one, or two of them, resources out of limits will go to other vault/s. If all will have max i will resend resources(or send message "go back, we have no more place for you!" ;) ).
In this game you should also be aware, that for now i will be doing everything by myself. I am more or less online between 8:00 and 24:00 GMT+2, but i cant guarantee that even in this period of time i will send you needed info in seconds from your transfer.


Hey dude this is a lot of money, what you want to do with it. Well this is not a lot of money, in drugwars you must to spend ~2 STEEM to get mercenary... But, like in drug wars i also want to use this money to rise up rewards for the players. It will make whole thing more spicy i think. But how it will look?
Lets operate with 100 steem to make this easier to see. For each 100 STEEM that player will pay: 10$ will go to me as my reward, 20$ will be invested in tipu to upvote steemnova post(all of us will earn), rest (70$) will go to bank.
Every payout will take from bank 20% of steem(14$ if we have 100$ there), and split it on two different payouts: 60%(8,4$) of payout will go to this who was running for resources, and 40%(5,6$) to this who put them into vault (me included).
Payouts for attackers will depend on how many successful raids each person will have. But not all raids are same yes? So attack for 1 vault count as one, for 2, count as two, and 3 count as four. And all strikes counts, not only from this ppl who paid for opening the vault. So lets say that i get 100 attacks, the users who attack successfully 6 times on vault 3 have 24 attacks count and 24% share in payout, so in case with 70 STEEM in the Bank this user will get 3,36 STEEM. If you will make some calculation you will see that this cant be seen as an investment. It is just a way, to get more resources, but in more steem like way ;)
In the other hand, if you will put resources in to the vault then it will be investment. How this payout will be calculated? In similar way. If you will put 50% of all inserted resources, you will get 50% from payout, remember that i am counting in this my own resource investment (until i stop it).
AND how often payouts will be? It will depend on how much steem will be in the bank. If it will be under 50 steem after last payout then the new one will be week later, if it will be between 50 and 100 steem it will be in next 3 day, and if it will be more then 100 steem it will be at the next day.
What about the rest (80%) STEEMS from the bank? Mostly they will of course made next payouts higher, but also some of them will be used in second game.

2.Tower defense


So, Ogame have many ways to play in it, but the fights gives you the most emotions. In late/end game (we are in it know) it becomes boring because of hundreds of Death Stars flying across universe. To make it again fun i propose to make an event "tower defense". How it would look like? Every Sunday i would deploy some part of my fleet on one of my moons. The task will be to destroy it, or defense it. To take part in game you will need to send 1 STEEM to me with memo: "attacker team" or "defender team". If you will be attacker, then you will have to find where i have my fleet, and to destroy it ( i will not fly away, or deploy more ships however i will try to steal debris). If you will be defender you will get invitation to discord where you will get info what planet/moon we defense, and where will show up info about attacks, and what army is attacking (info about who, and from will not be share).
Restriction: No one will be allowed to use Death Stars in this event. There is no way to change your team when event will begin. You cant join if Tower already fall. You cant join event after 21:00 GMT+2.
Event will end at 23:00 GMT+2.
Defense team will win, if after my deployment of fleet, there will be not a single moment when tower didn't have any fleet orbiting around it. Attackers will win if they at least one time defeat fleet orbiting around tower.


So in this event Reward will be a 10% of STEEM that will be in the bank. 7 will go to winner team, and 3 will go to defeated team. Payouts will go only if there will be at least 1 defender(excluding me), and 1 attacker. If we will have situation that this limit wont be fulfill then i will resend STEEM. Distribution of payouts will be similar as in vaults. Fleets will be calculated into resources, and everyone (including me) will get same % of steem as their % of fleets send to mission. If defender will fly away when they see enemy is coming, then they fleet wont be calculated into share of steem, if attacker wont attack, or join into attack they wont be calculated into share.
This payouts will always be after the end of the event.

This is only test

OK, what you should now is that I already put resources in vaults, and they are waiting to be grab, and the first Tower defense will be in next Sunday. BUT this is only a test. I want to see if this kind of game in game will work. I see some problems with this games. If there will be popularity then i wont handel to do everything by myself. I would need to have some help, or to automat some part of this work (i already talk about this with some ppl). If it wont be popular then i think i should close it, and ofcourse i will give back what will be in the bank. What can make also problem is that game is not on the blokchain, so it wont be transparent. I can cheat you. I wont :) but it is possible. I intend to gater screenshots and other data, so in case of "i dont believe you" i could prof everything, but it will be hard, and still why you should trust me with your money... Well we will see, maybe someone will have some idea to make this better. Last thing is that @mys probably wont be happy about this idea (no P2W elements in game!), and if he asked me to end this there will be no other choice then to shut it down.
In case it will work ( i will give max 2 weeks for tests), i will create special account for this games, and i will spend some money to make a promotion for it, but for sure if i will be doing it i will need to have at least some basic automat help. And yes, i intend to use some of this 10% of my fee to invest in this, and btw if this 10% will be nice amount of steem... maybe we could even pay someone to make better UI etc.
To make first payout (it will be at next Monday 08.04) worth something i am "putting" into it 10 STEEM.

Good luck, have fun, and please let me know what you think about this.

PS. I would like also to implement somehow gifts for first successful steps for new ppl like first ship, first colony etc, but really dont know how...

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I approve every single initiative towards players. Whether it is payable or free event.
Keep going and let's have fun ;)

This are some really good ideas.

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Thanks! :)

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Podoba mi się pomysł, mini gra na Steemnovie trochę urozmaici grę :D

Hmm, ok i see now that rules of the first game are against new players because i dont have any moon in 4,5 and 6 galaxy... So as a just player i have new difficulty with this idea... But, i know that admin of the game can create planets, and moons with all parameters. So if admins wanted, they could give me a planets with no place for buldings, but with moon. Probably no chance the will want to do (dangerous precedens).
What i can give for now until better idea will come up special offer for everyone under top 200 - > vault will be opened by 90 minutes, and i will guard it from pirate attacks.

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