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One of the most important factors to the success of any project, is not just thinking about the next two steps that need to be taken - but the next twenty. Planning for long term growth is the key to laying the foundation in the beginning.

In our original announcement post - we said that we would be starting with 10 languages during the beta phase of the site, and then eventually expanding to more languages.

Beyond just educational videos on the site, we want the various language communities to have access to our announcements and information we share on our @steemonboarding blog. To do this, we have gone ahead and setup 33 separate accounts for the major languages that we eventually plan to have featured on the site. As the translation team grows for each language - we will also have people translating our Steem Onboarding posts to their native tongue on the respective channels. We may also use each language influencer to use this page to highlight promising new users in their respective regions - and run language specific contests.

Sky is the limit with these separate channels - but getting them all setup is an exciting next step. We want to ensure that people have a positive experience not only going through our learning modules, but once they arrive on the platform as well. Having a channel of Steem Onboarding content available in their native tongue will help them stay connected even after they have finished the education process.


Posting with Steempress

One of the main goals of Steem Onboarding is to not only provide a useful tool for new Steemians to learn the roles - but to also support all of the other dApps and communities that are built on the Steem Blockchain. We will be utilizing many different dApps and Steem User Interfaces to leverage our fundition campaign and support the greater community.

For those who don’t know - @steempress is a great tool for bloggers that allows them to easily cross post their blogs to Steem as well via a word press plug-in. This will be a really helpful tool for Steem Onboarding when we want our posts to also show up on the blog section of our site. We would highly recommend checking them out if you have both a Steemit account and a website or blog!

Language Accounts Claimed

Here is a list of the language accounts we have currently claimed that will be available for future use by Steem Onboarding.



Shout-Out To Our Current Language and Translation Team

Translation and Video Team (5).png

English - @coruscate

Spanish - @anomadsoul

Korean - @ramengirl

Cantonese - @travelgirl

Japanese - @anmitsu and @djynn

German - @tibfox

Russian - @amalinavia

Portuguese -@guifaquetti

Mandarin - @joythewanderer

Thai -@waybeyondpadthai


Our Fundition Campaign is Live!

Screen Shot 2018-11-30 at 1.51.08 PM.png

If you think the Steem Onboarding project will be valuable to the Steem blockchain - then please consider donating to our Fundition campaign to help fund the initial development of the project. We are offering some pretty great prizes to fundition donors such as 100 alpha booster packs, a ticket to Steemfest 4, tickets to the Steem Creators Conference in Austin, exclusive Steem Onboarding merch and more. For all the details - check out our campaign HERE.

Let's reach mass adoption together!

Screen Shot 2018-12-05 at 7.36.59 PM.png

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Thanks so much for spreading the word man

Great initiative with these separate channels. 33 Oh my!!!! :D Glad to be a part of this gigantic project! :)


We are going to go big! Thanks to you for joining this ambitious project :)

Congratulations! Let's a lot of accounts!

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Great to see the project thinking and acting big! I believe that the potential is there to grow in all these markets as those that will benefit from it the most will also strive to bring the most value and create thriving communities.

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Gotta think big to go big :D thanks for your continuous support!

Great idea team!

Ah, no translator for Australian yet? I feel there is enough people in @teamaustralia to warrant translation...


Australian Language!!!


Neh mate!



Ahahaha oi mait, that's definitely a good idea, care to jump in and assume the position?


Cobber, you beaut, I'll be there in two shakes of a lamb's tail.

VN is an abbreviation for Vietnam. Further details can be found here:
While the 2 letters language code for Vietnamese is VI and 3 letters language code for Vietnamese is VIE. Source: Because people are more familiar with the VN term, I suggest you use @onboarding-vn.

I love your project and it is similar to what I have been doing. Steemit culture is somewhat different than Facebook, Reddit ... I've found that some new users, especially from non-English speaking countries are having trouble integrating with Steemit. They are lost and in some worse cases get flagged. Most of them just abandon their accounts and leave Steemit. I strongly believe that by giving them a proper support and guidance will reduce the number of new users getting flagged too.

I wonder if you have a Discord channel?


Thanks for your comments, we will look into it, please write me on discord because we still don't have an open discord channel.

Thats Great U Are Working Hard ... Best Regards

Congratulations on the diversity. Great going.


Hopefully we can keep growing more diverse!

Glad to see Hebrew added 😁

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  ·  작년


That's sound like a great initiative. Are you looking for polish translator?


Hey! Probably yes, very soon. Would you write @coruscate over discord, please?

I translate from english to Hindi. I can work with @onboarding-hi. What is the process to participate?


You can write @Coruscate on discord and she will explain everything! Thanks for the interest


Okay thanks

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Wow this is very good. More and more people will be able to better the steemit platform in their own language. Great job @steemonboarding

content creator

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@treeplanterFund-raising upvoting bot
@forestfriendlyWater Saving bees

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