The Operation Mass Adoption has begun! - More prizes added to the pool!

2년 전

Hello Steemians! Just a few hours ago we all started a common effort to invite, sign-up and onboard as many new users as we can, So far the response of the community has been amazing and we´ve gotten a lot of positive responses on and off chain.

The contest has started, you can begin signing-up and onboarding your friends to compete for a 1,200 liquid Steem prize pool and an 11,000 Steem Power delegation.

For the original announcement, rules and more information, click here

For a video explanation of the contest, click here

Contest Timeline

This contest will run for 21 days: Starting on Wednesday, May the 22th at 00:01 PST, finalizing on Wednesday, June the 12th at 23:59 PST.

Prizes added to the Pool

There is a 1,000 liquid Steem prize pool for the individual contestants and an 11,000 SP delegation for the community with best results throughout the contest.

Apart from these prizes, other projects got in touch with us and offered for the Individual category the following:

  • @Actifit is giving 100 Steem for the 1st place and 50 Steem each for the 2nd and 3rd place.
  • @Oracle-D will give a 100% vote for the top three winners.
  • @Cervantes will give a 100% vote for the top three winners.
Thanks so much to these projects for helping the community reach mass adoption together!

Remember that the new users have to make an introduction post using the tag "newonsteem" so we can find, curate and count those users for determining the winners.

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Hello @Coruscate, @Anomadsoul, I wish you could make this contest more lively than it is. Some short but timely update could spur more. How about a discord channel for @Steemonboarding. I hope creating that communication environment will make more sense.

  ·  2년 전

Great initiative! I started something similar myself 2 weeks ago as you can read on this post. Also got my first new Steemian which I am helping to get started.

Too bad I am not qualified for the competition, still a great push from you guys! And I will still support idea!!! Good luck :)

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That's so great to hear @src3! Thanks for being a good sport about the rep thing too. We really went back and forth on that. A contest with this much money just opens itself up to attract a TON of spammers and so we put a few rules in place to hopefully help limit that.

I hope we are able to do more contests like this in the future and i'm sure you'll rocket past 57 in no time. :)

  ·  2년 전

Thanks I hope so too ;)

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It's getting more fun and rewarding bringing our friends to Steem. Of a truth, @Steemonboarding may become an interface to take steem to the mainstream.

Thanks to @Actifit @Oracle-D and @Cervantes for their gestures all for the love of Steem


@Coruscate, my only worry is that you should create a way for referrers to make periodical updates on the work so far done. May be a separate tag be created for that purpose.


Good thinking, we'll think of something and update soon. Thanks for the tip


Thanks for the response, meanwhile, it would be cool if provisions are made for consolation prizes for all those who participate with at least 5 referrals. 5 Steem would go a long way. I so trust that more sponsors will show up. Orr, @Steemonboarding may make a public call for more sponsors. It's time we know the true whales of the system

just noticed the other day that we are already over 1.2 million registered accounts😁 will we hit 2 million this year? 👍👍

Hopefully @abh12345 will keep an eye on the tag each week ;D



I'll put it on the list of things (to ask you).

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Hi - Three things:

  1. On the original competition announcement post it says the deadline for the 'proof of onboarding' post is the 6th to 7th June, but that's 5-6 days before the June 12th deadline? Is the 6th/ 7th a typo?
  2. Can we refer to last post as the 'proof of onboarding post' I think that sounds kind of cool, but that might just be because it's my idea!
  3. I'm going to buy 1 SBI for competition entrants for every person they onboard, up to a total limit of 200 SBI, distributed 'horizontally' until they run out.


Cheers! Great competition


Fixed a few days ago! Thanks for the tip!

Great thinking and great initiative. I will try to convince one or two guys to sign up steemit blockchain through steemonboarding.

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Before talking about bring friends to the platform and referral wouldn’t be wiser to review what the steemit could do to improve and retain the users that are already here? Ways to support and personal growth instead of just 'numbers'? Everyone wants to grow but more important than that is finding ways to make the experience more enjoyable and new people will come in result of that.

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