5 things only parents say

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Now there are many things that change in your life after you have your first child. You learn not to be embarrassed by many things. Changing diapers in public, having spit up on your shirt, going to the store in PJ's and slippers because you haven't slept in days and forgot to go grocery shopping. All these things just become normal.

My son Luke is now 6 years old. I catch myself saying many of the same phrases everyday.
These are things that I never used to say before I was a parent. I thought that it would be fun to share some of them with you. Hopefully you can either relate, or maybe this will prepare you for when you have kids of you own.

5 Things Only Parents Say

  1. Please don't put that in your mouth

  2. I just asked you if you needed to go to the bathroom

  3. You do like this. You just ate it yesterday!

  4. Did you flush the toilet?

  5. Put some clothes on!


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My son's 2. I find myself telling not to eat "that". That is pretty much everything - i.e. dog food. 🤣


At that age my son would take the dog food and try to put it in his mouth as well. He would also splash the water all over the floor.
Once they are moving around you have to be quick to catch them! They see something that they are interested in and they are heading right for it!

Some of these really ring true for me, since I have two boys (ages 7 and 4). They have both been through picky eating phases, so I'm constantly reminding them that they liked a certain food just a day or two before...when they are trying to say they have NEVER liked it.

And with my 4 year old, it's always a trip to the bathroom every time we get to where we are going haha. I am glad he is potty trained now, but gah, do we really have to see the inside of every restroom in town?! :)


Oh yea, mine will do the dance and I have to say "you HAVE to go to the bathroom.
He will still say no. They he will scream 2 minutes later. "I have to go! HURRY!"

Your son is beautiful!! I think it's very cute.


Thanks a lot!
It is funny looking at life from the perspective of a parent. Growing up you feel that parents have everything figured out. Now I realize that parents are a clueless as kids, just older!

6... That is about the age I developed a custom phrase for my son... "But you did not try hard enough NOT to..."

In response to HIS catch-phrase, "Mom, I didn't TRY to (break the, lose the, forget the... whatever.) He is now 35. The conversation is still going strong but we can get it all done with a couple of looks at each other now - lol!


Ha ha too funny.
I get the "I am full" "I didn't put that there, why do I have to clean it up" and "it was an accident".

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You have so lovely son. He is so beautiful and cute