5 Things You Enjoy More As A Parent

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Being a parent is great. I love every minute of it. But there are things that you give when you become a parent.
Here is a list of 5 things that I took for granted before becoming a parent.

1. Watching "grown up" television shows.

Who knew that trying to get 60 minutes to watch an episode of Breaking bad or Game of Thrones would be so difficult! Might as well give in and watch another episode of Pokemon.

2. Sleeping in

It is odd how on school days they never want to get out of bed but on the weekend they never sleep past 7am! If you get the chance to sleep in, take it... even if you aren't tired.

3. A good dinner without complaints.

So we either eat something that we like and listen to constant "I'm not hungry", "I'm full", "I don't like this", "I see a tomato", "I need more ketchup", "How many more bites?"; or we eat chicken fingers and french fries again.

4. Getting together with friends

Unless they have a child close to the same age, you probably don't get to hang out with them very often.

5. Grocery shopping

Ok, so this one is most enjoyable when done on your own. It is a chance to leave your kids and home with your spouse and have some time to yourself. Maybe grocery shopping alone happens to take 3 to 4 hours, not because you enjoy the alone time but because.... ok maybe you just enjoy the alone time... is that a crime?


Darryl (@dadview) is a loving husband and father who enjoys spending time with his family no matter the activity.
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Grocery shopping is my private weekly mini-vacation. Throw on a pair of headphones and an hour long podcast, and just browse the aisles while enjoing the solitude one can only experience in a sea of strangers.


If I used the headphones idea, I could probably take Luke with me and still enjoy grocery shopping.... hmmm....


Just need to get him his own headphones! Problem solved!

So true ! I can’t wait for my kids to go to bed to watch some of the shows I dvr , but I never manage to stay awake long enough to finish any of the shows .


I will watch the beginning of the same show multiple times trying to stay awake.
I wake up for work at 5am, so staying up late is almost impossible...


I have a similar Situation. I get up at 5 too bc my oldest travels to school so I have to be up extra early for him to make it on time.

I swear you just described my son to his truest form. LOL I'm so sick of mac and cheese and chicken nuggets for dinner...but I'm even more sick of making an actual home cooked meal and fighting for him to eat "two more bites". I have now looked at going to the grocery store alone as a mom's version of a mini vacation. LOL But dang it those kids are so worth it, aren't they? #momlifeisthebestlife


I love that you called it a mini vacation!
My wife always asks what took me so long :)

Hard-to-watch grown up shows make them all the more precious to watch, doesn't it? I don't mind the friends thing, and I totally get the dinner thing. No tomatoes but yes to ketchup? Oy vey I know it quite well. Gotcha on the sleeping in, I'll try to stock up on it before I get an offspring. The grocery thing, I don't get. I see a lot of parents taking their kids to the grocery, which is a nightmare for everyone equally.

It seems you were quite active during my hiatus, bud!


Yes I have. Maybe make your hiatus shorter next time! At least you had a really good reason for it : )