My Plan for TelosWPS FUNDED Telos Scatter Integration for Steempeak, adding Scatter and Telos Wallets to the Wallets and open the way for Telos Posting and voting.



i will be requesting $1000 for @steempeak to enable scatter for deposits and withdraws

The deposits and withdraws can go to the steem engine gateway as well but will simply show MAIN NET Telos tokens in the wallet like shown in the mockup

If @steempeak can add Scatter i can secure even more funding for a more fleshed out telos Social media System USINg existing @steempeak front end, and simply adding telos login as an option next to google and facebook. telos posts would show up on but probably not on the steem blockchain (unless some steem account autoposted) However I believe the best route is simply to do what is doing which proves you can quite easily make post from EOSIO chains and comments AND votes and tips. We can have an actual reward pool however which si what Douglas the white paper author told me

I believe we coudl secure possibly $5000 to $10,000 a month on a regular basis if @steempeak completed their first $1000 task of just adding Scatter to Steempeak so we can see Telos tokens IN the SteemPeak wallet page the same way they added new tokens like SNAX etc (and with scatter they could add EOS and other eosio tokens if they wanted but its telos thats paying, not eos! )


So we already HAVE TLOSP pegged telos but MAIN NEt telos showing a Scatter wallets balance , teh same way they show a steem balance from keychain would pave the way for telos main net based steem peak triggered POSTs and comments (based on who im friends with ..the dev @bigbluewhale that is ) and this would allow us to either have telos post interact with steem posts (steem accounts would be able to comment on telos post and vica versa) but we can HAVE all the DPOS chain social media be in ONE unified front end the way it should be.

Ive messaged @asgarth @jarvie from @steempeak and the Telos Cofounder and white paper author Douglass and the telso community and I believe they will continue to support the projects they have trusted me with telos to EXPAND into telos main net world.

Come to SteemPeak discord to talk with these geniuses who just added BURNING to steempeak to show promoted posts in your feed, thus single handedly fixing the promoted post/bid bot war in my eyes at least :D


I will also direct your attention to PEAK token which Im puttin in orders to buy! It could be used for MANy steempeak features AND could be expanded to have apeg on telos with TELOS-EX service!



Buying 2 steem worth, 10,000 and 100 for 0.01 steem

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I think I need a good recap of what tlos is ... I've found an interview you shared I'll try to get some time but still traveling thailand for a bit.

What I would like to know is besides showing balance what else can tlos do for the majority of our users?

Snax was interesting integration I'm not a huge fan of integrating stuff for just one reason we should have found other ways to make that integration beneficial to our users. In fact I still dont understand snax either and never claimed mine.

I also dont know what scatter is.
Much of my job at steempeak is to try to understand these concepts and make them easy for users to understand and hopefully through an initiative UI instead of videos or written stuff. Though sometimes that may be required


Telos is an EOSIO chain, not a fork not a side chain not a "sister chain" its an independent EOSIO main net.. just like eos is one.. or wax or worbli....

it works like eos and is compatible with a lot f the same stuff except telos has an actual worker proposal funded with $100,000 a month, arbitration and foundeation memebr lections, constitution, all teh stuff you wish steem had in Vessel wallet, they have in SQRL the fork of greymss, for telos. it also COMES with free accounts, theyt have a pool of 1 million free telos accounts.

What I would like to know is besides showing balance what else can snax do for the majority of our users? lol yeah thats what i thought of too, snax is just sort of like, nothing really just one guy made a token and the token only has half a brain lol like he built a coal mine, that only blasts the rocks and doesnt extract anything lol, useless

but someone could come build a conveyor system and actualy make snaxx useful one day, wouldnt be hard, crazy how some people just cant get that LAST step like they wanna build but not make any money and be useful lol i guess that leaves lots of fixer uppers :D

its insane how people are just unaware of what i know... steemians are clueless like flat landers now.. im like multi dimensional God to steem now, lol, with what i know, we can use telos to scale to millions of users on chain 100 s of millions if telos wants.. yeah they have that many free accounts to use... its eosio chain that thought ahead

lol what cant telso do? i mean you add all these other tokens, lets add the one that can let steempeak become 'peak' and get thousands of dollars a month from the proposal lol

with telos all ur users can beenfit from YOU building on eosio and then getting to actually do everything your doing on steem but with real funding, not the pennie su get from SPS

u will get to stay on both steem, and use telos

u get to actually have telos worker proposals built into steempeak i mean dude, u can have all the governance of telos in the steempeak wallet, theers way mroe i cant think of\

but like first thing is the steempeak users would get access to a massive potential telos reward poool, as teh foudner askes me about a telos social media reward pool. He implied he can get funds for one, if wee have teh actual plan, and teh community will vote for this , and we will get the conttution of a blockchain changed JUSt to allow steempeak to be the FIRST front end of a telos reward pool, using TRIBESM we plug telos in as a tribe, using SCOt to govern their telos rward pool token distribution, .... so we just treat telos liek a scot token, dd it to tribes, and just find a clever way to allow logins with telos netxto the steem logins, scatter would be best, scatter for steeem can happen soonb and we can tyen login to steem with scatter INSTEAD of keychain

scatter is just a better versionof keychain and it could work with steem, itw orks with eosio, chains, and btc and trx and eth so it can have steem i even asked scatter and gotteh githiub ready , wallet pack for scatter has to come out,m but we can do this and u can have scatter for steempeak, for both telso and steem.

ill talkl about it later soon, i have 10 worker prpoposals goin thru telos liek over a 2 thousand dollars worth, anyway gotta sleep, but yeah i can get that steempeka propsoal passing JUSt ;liek a small one at first to prove to u they will support it and u can just experimenta nd play with adding telois witha scot telos proram im gonan draft, we are gonan do something revolutionary here combinihg the best of steem to telos, to buidl something REALL powerful, i wante dto just use nitrous but if we can use steempeka itd be great to just plug it in asa tribe, and ill get teh scot tuff ready so u can just plug it in like a SCOT token... but Not TLOSP, altho that is one easy way to do it... i want to have us working off telos main net using scatter and then we can get steempeak ready for what this all gets you ready for..... eos

see telos works just liek eos... u would use telso funding to get steempeak to become PEAK for steem and telos then when u master telos u can add eos, and eventually become teh first fronte nd for eos bases social media, as shown here they have a forum but we can have eosio social media all done on steempeak then u can make a LOT mroe money, u can do steem AND eosio

ANYYYWYAAAAy tehers a LOt mroe i can go into .... i gotta go sleep now but i trei dby best, look ill explain it in a better ay next time , a more ethical way that explains why telos ius better for users cuiz u can give free accounts out and steem cant even do that :D nsteem as no1 million free account pool