I want to try to schedule a post for the first time on steem.

9개월 전

I'm exploring @steempeak and I can say that it's one of the best posting app on steem.

The update is really great.

The first thing of course I noticed is ''BLOG FLTER''.

It's an option where you can order posts of a blog by tags.

In the settings you can set your upvote by default and that's great.

There are other cool options there as well.

I like of course the notifications.

I like that we can bookmark anything we want.

I like that you can choose if you want to share your earning with the app or not.

And the option I want to try is to schedule a post.

Let me choose a cool time for doing so and let it be 11:22 am Russia time.

I will try to use more dapps in steem to support them all.

steempeak.com is really great and I enjoy it. ☺

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