Spl Curation Trail - Steembasicincome Drawing

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Greetings Steemian's,

Welcome to the @steembasicincome drawing for the @spl curation trail followers.


Thank you to everyone who's been following this trail and supporting our awesome poker league, it's tons of fun and never gets old playing with you amazing people!

This is run by way of random number generation. First I generate a fresh list from Steemauto, Created by the amazing @mahdiyari then I match the number of followers with the Google Random Number generator, and roll for a winner of 1 SBI share. Simple as that. Accounts inactive for 30 days or more, do not qualify, and I re-roll.

(Sorry I'm a bit late crew, personal life and mental hygiene is essential to care for, and is the reason I'm behind. I do my best.)

Let's begin. Good luck!

1 @philippekiene 80%
2 @rcr.bis 100%
3 @tuck-fheman 100%
4 @spl 100%
5 @bacchist 100%
6 @rawdawg 100%
7 @beat-the-bookies 100%
8 @bethalea 80%
9 @faustofraser 90%
10 @bmonakken 100%
11 @inthenow 100%
12 @homesteadlt 100%
13 @ol-crazy-eyes 100%
14 @coinbelly 100%
15 @lilwallay 100%
16 @wallacecarranza 50%
17 @mrwang 50%
18 @lebekons 100%
19 @pokering 100%
20 @janine-ariane 10%
21 @run-the-bits 100%
22 @lucksacks.com 100%
23 @imammudarifqi 50%
24 @leilafrangie 100%
25 @ancientknowled3 10%
26 @lilacse 100%
27 @imaginary-friend 100%
28 @celsius100 100%
29 @amos811 50%
30 @brobo55cartel 6%
31 @goodcontentbot2 50%
32 @artaxx 50%
33 @exterminio08 50%
34 @potplucker 100%

The Winner Is:


Google RNG


And thank you for your continual support to SPL!

Steemworld , created by the amazing @steemchiller

Much love,

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Thanks for the SBI share! :>

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