Such a Deer


I noticed you feel sad today.
Don't worry deer,
Is here,
To lend you an ear.


Please don't get too close though,
Or I'll need to take a step back.


I'm still listening,
But I must grab a bite to eat,
Let's walk and talk.


Ahh, I think I'll take a nibble on this here tree,
Crunch, bite, crunch, yummy yummy,
Leaves filling my tummy.


Hey mister futuremind,
I told you not too close,
But I like that you're low,
To the ground that is,
I know you mean no harm,
But please,
keep your distance.


It was a beautiful moment,
We both tiptoed,
Feeling each other out,
But now I'm off to find some evergreens,
And lay low for the night,
Take those sad thoughts and throw them away,
For I don't have time to visit you every day!


Photographs captured on a ZTE Android Smartphone.

Much love,

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FUTUBA <3 You are a part time deer whisperer?????? AAAAAAAAH your talents list does not end, misterrrrrrrrrr


Futuba the deer whisperer LMAO That has a nice ring to it.😅 One with Spidey senses would know! Thanks for visit and kind words friend :)

Nice shots, I'm surprised the deer let you get so close.


Thanks bro, I was actually closer than the pictures made it look! Poor thing was pretty nervous though, we have a few deer trapped in the city, and they struggle to survive in such an unnatural habitat.

Hello @futuremind, how are you doing? Beautiful poetry about a deer. The deer did not want to be seen too closely. It also have privacy that must be respected. Enjoy your day, sir.


Hi @elianaelisma
Thank you for the compliment.
I am well today. I hope you are also well.
The deer was nervous. It is not in it's natural habitat. I live in a dense city.
I have the utmost respect for animals, and was speaking gently to the deer the entire time.
Have a nice day ma'am.

Thank you so much for your helpie curation today!
I love this walk with the deer. The patience required to get a deer to trust you must be very calming.
Someone earlier today posted that they had managed to do this with a red fox.
Thanks again, I really appreciate your visiting my blog and giving me a helping of sweet sweet cake.


Thank you for the visit @owasco,
Your Wednesday walk was really cool. I enjoyed the the cute photos of the animals :)
My pleasure to curate, you've been working hard and it shows!

Yeah I love connecting with the animals. These poor deer are not in a natural habitat here, and no one pays them much mind. This one is young, and I hope to see it again. I'm sure I will get closer next time, as this was our first encounter.

Thank you for the kind words @owasco!


My pleasure!

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lovely ...lovely...


Thank you :)