77 Reasons Why I love using SteemPeak

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As many of you know that I’m extreme minimalist and I’m pretty much 100 % mobile

That means I haven’t used my laptop for almost 2 months now and I only have 17 apps on my iPhone

Yesterday I had trouble using Steemit because I wasn’t able to respond to comments. Tried few ways to figure out then end up of logging in with @steempeak

It’s only less than 24 hours and I’m learning very fast and already enjoying the SteemPeak experiences

1 I don’t see any advertisements like Steemit

2 I don’t need to open a new tab to see my Steem Wallet

3 I can set 1% weight on my comment upvotes ( Yes I do read all my comments and respond to 97 % of them, not bot comments!! )

4 I can see all the current STEEM witnesses list without leaving SteemPeak

5 I can see the team behind the SteemPeak

6 I can schedule my post, even though I’ll never do this

7 I can see notifications unlike Steemit

8 I can select what kind of notification that I want to see

9 I can save draft of my post

10 I can see my voting power

11 I can see my RC status

12 I can see the people that I’m following and I don’t usually check the number of followers and I’ll be never interested in these FAKE indicators that like number followers and reputation score )

13 I could see clear description of what STEEM SP SBD in the wallet and it’s comes handy when I onboard new

14 I can see all my steem engine tokens

15 I can upload multiple photos in one go (just figured out before posting this )

16 I can create templates

17 I can see my vote value and time left to charge 100 %

18 Able transfer my SEVEN77 gifts easily

19 I can book mark post that I like to read again

20 I can watch dtube videos without leaving SteemPeak

21 I can use multiple accounts like my failed account @nathanmars7 and my sons account @jamesmars7

22 I can search users to send gifts 🎁

23 I can see the cool 😎 pictures of the team SteemPeak

24 I can see who and how many people Resteem my content

25 Responding to comments is much easier

26 I can see who voted for me (the full list)

27 I can contact the team SteemPeak on Twitter

28 I can see the STEEM news by @pennsif

29 I can recommend new users to use SteemPeak

30 Sorry, I need to get back to STEEM Twitter Hustle now with our SEVEN77 STEEM Awareness. So I’ll let these pictures below will tell you the rest of 47 reasons why I love SteemPeak

Thanks a million 🙏

Ps. I hope to see Team SteemPeak participating in SEVEN77 Twitter Movement soon :)


































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My goodness, I didn't even know about steempeak really, this is an amazing DAPP interphase wow, look at all the informations, it's totally got the best interphase.


I would really recommend you to use SteemPeak

If someone is new then Steemit probably best to get start with

Thanks for reminding me about steempeak! The UI is great 😀

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Love to know you're using it on MOBILE.

Please let us know more about the mobile experience for you... stay in the loop on our discord as a solid mobile user.

Boy you sure like your lists. Is 77 your lucky number?

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Thank you :)

Every number is my/our lucky number

Meaning of 777:

You're Interacting in Perfect Synchronicity With The Universe

You’re riding the wave and are in tune with your true self and the whole Universe.

You’re in alignment with your life purpose.

When you understand who you truly are, you work on what's meaningful to you and bring your energy and light to the world. This is what the world needs from you.

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I am so going to have a look at this. It means I don't need to make use of steempress and could potentially scrap my wordpress blog all together. I really do get frustrated not being able to save drafts and sort through things easily because the steemit platform is so clunky. IMHO if it's about quality content production and curation, there should also be easy ways of sorting and indexing the information. That's a big gap, and you're suggesting that steempeak offers some of these. That's a bit win for me.

Thanks again @nathanmars - for all the stuff you do for Steemit. #justsaying ;)

Oh! Lovely. I admit I have never given steempeak a chance because partiko has been my first love. After seeing these points, I'm sure to give it a chance.

Anyways, I dropped by to thank you for the gift. I do very much appreciate your support and your initiative.

Thank you and stay blessed! ❤

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you may have pushed me over the ledge to check it out.

i’ve been meaning to try steempeak for a while now but have been using partiko so much.

while i love partiko i am looking for a more immersive steem experience for my desktop.

i need to check this out and get a lesson done in @steemsavvy

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Can’t beat @partiko with its STEEM mobile experience!

I highly recommend SteemPeak to you Jon

They also have a great marketplace for Steem Monsters! @peakmonsters is a great way to buy, sell, and rent cards of the popular game. The development continues to push the limits of the protocol as I also have read that they will be the first to implement the communities part of Hivemind!

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Thanks for letting me know about this :) Have a wonderful weekend:)

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Holy shit! I am going to have to check this out.. I hate using Steemit but it's so simple for checking replies.. I've been trying Partiko but I'm not really a fan. I do like Busy for posting tho


We’ve plenty of choices with STEEM

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I will give Steem Peak a try :)
Thanks for everything you do.

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this is useful, i havent been logging in steemit on computer for months and i'm more mobile these day. thanks for sharing steempeak

Been using Steempeak since they came out and love it!


So happy to hear:)

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You forgot:

  • sbd conversion
  • more account creation options when signing up for an account (eg @steem.ninja, RC, buy with steem, email/phone ect)
  • payouts shown in STU and dollar value doesn't count SBD as a dollar)
  • Hasn't been DDOSd yet?
  • steemit.com was never meant to be steems front page, but merely a demonstration of what can be done on steem

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Thank you so much for telling me about additional features of SteemPeak

Have a wonderful weekend

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Yeah I had to use Busy last night for comments. Thanks for the reminder. I've been meaning to give it a spin!


Yes Busy is another good choice

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This is great @nathanmars, need to use it then, I only really had a quick look around before, thanks.

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Please give SteemPeak a go

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I have to agree! I initially started out on Steemit (like 99% of us here do) and the experience was lackluster enough that I created my account in March of 2018 and didn't bother checking back again until October. I only barely used Steemit maybe once a week, until I saw someone mention @Steempeak as an alternative. I checked them out in... maybe November? I instantly fell in love with it! I've watched it develop over the past 5 months or so and I can honestly say it's the best way to experience Steem! @Asgarth, @Jarvie, and the whole @Steempeak team are just amazing. I've brought up several bugs which they responded to and fixed quickly, they know what they are doing, and they genuinely want to make the best Steem experience possible.


Cool I haven't tried this steempeak before. Let me try it later ;)


Please give it SteemPeak a Go :)

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Looks like a good dapp with more benefits.

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Yup you’re absolutely right

I used it when it first came out but have not tried it in a long time. I didn't know they had mobile.....I will have to check it out!!


I’m using from my Brave browser through my iPhone


You will have to show me how in Colorado!!
Miss talking!!

Hi @nathanmars
Wow. Thi is just superb. I just now tried it it have everything at one place. Its like a plate filled with all your favourite dishes at one place. It even shows tokens in steem engine. Loved it brother. Thanks for sharing.

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Steempeak is where you can find everything about STEEM black

We have a great platform to build a blog that allows us to generate income. I'm sure you want to keep me safe. I am going to blog on your blog.

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Remember STEEM Blockchain has more than 300 DApps



Wow that’s an huge no.

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I Also love it because i spend a little time with Steemit and earn more money with them great network


Are you talking about Steemit ?


Steemit peak and steemit hunt and steemit all network as like dlike.io etc


Steempeak not Steemit peak
SteemHunt not Steemit Hunt


O yes bro i miss to type it sreempeak to steemit peak sorry 🙏 but i mean that sreempeak

I’m enticed to SteemPeak reading those experience you had with it @nathanmars

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I love SteamPeak. Unfortunatley Steemit is required for too many things and they don't reward you at all for using their platform. I like Busy and eSteem too. Each one has something different that I like better, so I use different ones for different post. Having choices is good! But you did show me some things that I didn't know about SteemPeak. Thanks!


Exactly having choices is good :)

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Have you tried Partiko? You will forget steempeak. Lols.

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I love Partiko with their mobile app.

If you read my post you’ll know that can’t have more than 17 apps on my phone.

Now because you said so I’m gonna make space for Partiko

Hope to see you participating in SEVEN77 Twitter Movement

I have been using it completely for a month now. I LOVE it, for all of the reasons you mentioned. Everything is right there.


Everything is right there

Gotta love @steempeak