New Reward Options for Posts: Burn and Donate to SPS (@steempeak Proposal #1)

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We have just published a post containing a recap of how we plan to use the new Steem Proposal System (SPS) for some of the new features that will be added to SteemPeak in the future. If you have not read it yet you can check it out here.

So it's finally time to give it a try an publish our first proposal. As you will see we plan to start with small proposals and test the system before switching to larger (and longer) proposals for more complex projects.

PROPOSAL: Add Two New Reward Options for Posts

I (@asgarth) really like this first proposal because it's something simple that can be good for the whole Steem platform. Also it's funny to notice that this proposal can bring more rewards into the @steem.dao account. So basically there will be more funds to pay for other proposals thanks to this development.

The new features we plan to add are:

  • A new option to burn the post payout (this means setting @null as 100% beneficiary for the post)
  • A new option to donate the post payout to the Steem Proposal System (this means setting @steem.dao as 100% beneficiary for the post)

The first part of this proposal is also a suggestion from our community so we would be very happy to start working on this ;)


Vote for the new proposal on

Why I should use one of these options and vote for this proposal?

Both these new additions will help the whole Steem community. When a post author decide to use one of these options the post rewards will be burned (reducing the amount of STEEM actually available is a way to increase the price) or donated to the SPS to funds further development and improvements of the blockchain.

How I'll be able to select these 2 options if you add them?

The new options will be available in the reward selection of the Publish page. When one of the new options is selected the corresponding account will be added to the post 'beneficiaries'.


Can I use this with scheduled posts?

Yes, as with the other options this will work for scheduled posts too.

Can I use these reward options and still set other beneficiries?

Yes, it will be possible to mix these rewards with other beneficiaries for special use cases. The % of the rewards sent to @null or @steem.dao will be set dynamically to accomodate the other beneficiaries.


As explained in this post we'll include different levels with features that will be unlocked as we get more funds. Received funds will be tracked using the @peak.proposals account and we'll include also direct donation. Please read the post linked above to fully understand how it will work.

1. Base level - 150 SBD

The proposal is considered funded if we collect at least 150 SBD. The base development will include the 2 new options in the publish page.

If the base funding level is not reached we'll refund all the payments received with a donation to @steem.dao and the SPS.

2. New icon in the feed to show post with burned payout - 200 SBD

If we reach 200 SBD we'll add a new icon on the feed for post where the payout is burned (@null set as beneficiary for more than 50% of the payout)

3. New icon in the feed to show post with payout donated to SPS - 250 SBD

If we reach 250 SBD we'll add a new icon on the feed for post where the payout is donated to the SPS (@steem.dao set as beneficiary for more than 50% of the payout)

4. More than 250 SBD

If we receive more than 250 SBD we'll donate the exceeding amount to the SPS. EXAMPLE: if we are fully funded with 375 SBD we'll donate 125 SBD to the @steem.dao account

TIMEFRAME: 5 Sep 2019 - 10 Sep 2019

This is a small proposal so we plan to complete our work in 5 days. Some more days will be required for the final release as we'll probably merge the development of this proposal with other improvements we are already doing to


It's difficult to predict how many funds a proposal will receive. This is why we created multiple 'Stretch Goals' that are unlocked as more funds are collected. For this first proposal we fixed the maximum daily pay to 75 SBD, but part of the improvements will be developed also if we don't get the full payment.

Also keep in mind that the daily rate will not be fixed for all the proposals submitted by @steempeak and will be set according to the proposed development.


If you want to support (approve) this proposal you can do so by visiting our proposal page on SteemPeak ( or using this link provided by SteemConnect to approve it directly.


This section contains all the updates (funding levels reached, work started, testing phase, release, ...) related to the current proposal.

Sep 01, 2019: Proposal created
Sep 10, 2019: Proposal has been funded and we are working on the new release
Sep 10, 2019: New features included in the release 1.16

Vote for the @steempeak witness

Now is probably a nice time to remind you that we run a witness server to help produce the blocks for the Steem Blockchain. You can vote for our witness so we are in a position to process more of them.

Vote on out profile page: @steempeak
Vote on the witness page:

This works for all witnesses BTW

  • Using Keychain: You just have to click and approve the transaction
  • Using SteemConnect: You'll need access to confirm the transaction with your Active Key at least

The SteemPeak Team

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Is the SteemPeak source code open (online under an open source license)? The additional reward options would be great, but I'm most interested in funding solutions that don't have to be reimplemented by other tools in the ecosystem because their source code is not shared.


The source code is not open source. We talked about this in the past but right now we prefer to keep it closed source as we are still defining our business plans.


Thanks @asgarth for the reply. Love the products (steempeak and peakmonsters)... just hope they stick around for the long term!


That's the plan ;)


I bet we could get @asgarth to make one of his daily adventure posts where he often shares the code.

Also we do have some content we put on an open source github ... like the status page and I'm working on a proposal right now we'd put on that open github.

  ·  2년 전

Correct me if I'm wrong please, but 100% @steem.dao would mean full SP? I read somewhere, that the DAO can not use SBD, which could be a waste in the end?


Setting @steem.dao as beneficiary should work. I've not found an official post about it but it's explained in the release notes associated wtih HF21:

'Additionally anyone can make donations by setting the account as a comment reward beneficiary'


This is correct developers have confirmed that while you can't transfer steem to @steem.dao that any sp/steem that is rewarded to it will be auto converted to SBD

@steempeak has already given us the most sophisticated and feature rich font end for the STEEM Blockchain. Based on all you have done, I can put 100% of my trust on you guys. Best of Luck!


Thank you very much ;)

How many PROPOSALS can i support ?I love steempeak and want to support you guys but more i love vimm and if i can only support 1 PROPOSAL then i would support vimm.


There is no limit to proposals you can support.


Great then you have my vote :)

We can already do this though by just setting up the beneficiary manually, can't we? Why is the first stage of the proposal 150 SBD just to do it, when it can't be that difficult to set up as a reward option if creating beneficiary is already a thing..? Shouldn't your first level, the 150 SBD be for creating the icon?
Just wondering because obviously I don't know.. but I think this is wasted time/energy if this is already a feature we can do ourselves..

Set up the beneficiary once and then that username is there as a favourite for the next time you set up beneficiary. Don't be lazy people!!


Not all users are aware of the correct accounts to use as beneficiary to burn or donate the rewards. Also it's not easy for them to use @null or @steem.dao when mixing them with other beneficiaries.

I'm not saying that the first goal is the most challenging, but we need to set the base level to a reasonable amount to start working on a new feature. Setting a base level of 20-30 SBD would not make sense in my opinion. In some country 150 SBD are just 1/2 hours of work for a software developer, setting a lower target will not make much sense in my opinion.

An interesting proposal, but I think there is a lack of explanation on the difference between a decline payout and the new option to burn is missing. I mean than the fact a decline payout remains part of the rewards pool, which gets distributed to all of the other active posts when the new option to burn takes them out of circulation. I'm sure many steemians don't know it ;)


I think you're right. I was confused for a while...

Supported! You guys are doing an amazing job and if with this you guys can bring more features to steempeak, it would be even better :^)


Thanks, we really appreciate it ;)

Supported, sounds like two good options to have easily accessible for those don't want to set the beneficiary manually.


4 cool options... I'm almost more interested in the ICONS that steempeak would add to in a way bring attention to posts that use one of these options... like a badge of honor of sorts.


Missed the other two, I only saw null and Steem.dao?


They're related i suppose. :)

I might be wrong, but it's already possible and needs no dev...

Adding those accounts as beneficiaries should do the trick, no ?


Yes, but right now it's a manual process. This proposal is to allow users to do it easily without knowing the correct usernames.


Ok, understood ;)

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Feature request: add a 3 second delay when processing upvotes, because sometimes I get the 3 second error message, when I am upvoting several posts at once.


This sound already work as you described. Are you using keychain and manually confirming each vote?


This happens using Steem Connect


Do you use the browser extension?


no, just the Steem Connect website


I'll give it a try and let you know. I've been using Keychain a lot recently :D

This sounds like a good improvement. I've just added my support. 😎


Thank you very much !!

Supported! I think it is a great proposal that can give more balance in the rewards, keep up the good work.


Totally agree!!

Supported, but it still displays "Vote Value: 0 SP" and the proposal is not listed on


but it still displays "Vote Value: 0 SP"

This is something due to how the SPS works. I hope to improve it at some point.

the proposal is not listed on

This is a bug to report to ;)