SteemPeak Release - Update v1.13.5 - A New Mobile Layout

5개월 전

Shortly after the previous release we received some feedback and new requests. So I (@asgarth) decided to release this new version with some of the suggested changes. Also with this release a new tribe is enabled.

The new release is now live at


Main Features

1. A new (compact) mobile layout option

The idea to do some changes to the mobile layout was suggested by @justineh shortly after the previous release. Some ideas have been proposed and I decided to try a new compact layout. A big thank to @dmytrokorol because this new view is inspired by some mockups he shared with me ;)


Hopefully this will make life easier for you while we keep working on a more optimized mobile version. Of course the option to use the classic view is stille there, and don't forget to let us know which one do you prefer ;)

2. The SteemCoinpan tribe is now enabled

The StemCoinpan tribe and the SCT token are now enabled. Check them out here:

Full Release Note:

This is full list of the new features and improvements included in this release:

- A new compact view on mobile
- The SteemCoinpan tribe is now enabled
- The promoted posts are now included in the tribes 'trending' pages
- When a post is older than 1 month the publish date is displayed instead of a 'relative time'
- Scot token with different payout window are handled by default
- As always some minor bugfixes and improvements


Now's probably a nice time to remind you that we run a witness server to help process the blocks for the Steem Blockchain. You can vote for our witness so we are in a position to process more of them.

Vote on out profile page: @steempeak
Vote on the witness page:

This works for all witnesses BTW

  • Using Keychain: You just have to click and approve the transaction
  • Using SteemConnect: You'll need access to copy paste the Active Key at least

The SteemPeak Team

About us:
Join us on Discord:

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Wahooo! So exciting! Thanks so much for listening to the community’s suggestions and requests and then implementing them so quickly. You guys are seriously amazing ❤️


Sometimes making a suggestion is half of the work 😉


Takes one to know one.

Thank you ! I will start using steempeak on my mobile aswell now, until now I was using it only on desktop.

Great post from a very active team and a very nice app!

Check your manifest.json look like a minor error (I didn't see any impact on the WPA operation)


I think it would be nice in the next update post if you could explain how to add steempeak to the android home screen (not everyone knows that a PWA can be installed like a google store app) via the browser menu

And thank you for the dual display of rewards that was useful to me yesterday to finish my post ;)


Thanks, I have done some improvements and I'll do some more a bit later when we start supporting the PWA more ;)

Just discovered Steem Peak today. Before this I was using but here the functionality has overshot the stratosphere. Glad to be part of the Steempeak community and pretty much looking forward to a mobile app in the future for push notifications. :))


glad to have you aboard

Much better, thanks for this one!


Glad you like it ;)

You're unstoppable at releasing new valuable features, putting SteemPeak way ahead of Congratulations for the huge amount of work delivered @asgarth.


Thank you very much ;)

Mobile sites are looking much better now, thanks for the great update!


Thanks, and don't forget to thank @justineh who started the discussion about this ;)

I've been using the steempeak all week now with tribes I don't have to login to PAL and Splinterlands it makes my life so much easier. If only I could claim my PAL and SPT then I don't have to login to those sites ever lol

I'm actually commenting now on the mobile version and it looks great. I think that steempeak is fast becoming my preffered front end. Great job


That's on the to do list to integrate those steem-engine transactions.

Looks great! I’m going to take a look 😀

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Eager to get some feedback !!

Congratulations to @Steempeak for this innovations. We hope to have an Android app for steempeak in the coming days.

Posted using Partiko Android


What would you want the android app to do that our mobile site doesnt presently do?


Certainly, it's easier to blog with an app than a browser. Moreover, with app, Data usage is reduced.

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Push notifications as well, don't forget. Knowing when people comment on your posts is great.

Mobile interface looks great. I love how you can read entire posts without leaving the page. Good work.

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Thanks ;)

All the yes. Maximum yes to this. What steem (and by steem I mean me) needs more than anything is a facelift. Totally oblivious to Steempeak till now.