Moon Books Ocean (Haiku)

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I just finished writing another set of Haiku

related with themes that are special to me. Months ago, I discovered Haiku through my good friend and the first time writing it was surprisingly fun though it was so simple and composed of only three lines. So I wanted to write more and came up with poems about the Moon, Book and Ocean. I already posted a three verse poem inspired by the moon. I don't know but every night if I am outside I always look above and search for it and every time I see it, it just makes me feel I have companion, it makes me smile 😊. I also posted some book reviews so it's not a surprise why I wrote a Haiku about book. And the last one is Ocean, by the way I live in an Island since I was in college. Although I spent more of my life in a City, I always love the view of the ocean or the beach, who wouldn't? It brings you peace and calm that you could rarely find in a busy city. So I hope you'll take time to read my writings below. 😄😄😄


Stay with me tonight
You always mesmerize me
Full of your beauty


It smells like a drug
High and lost in each pages
Escape from this world.


Tempting blue waters
Waves crashing back and forth
A true paradise

During this pandemic these things literally
bring me good vibes. The moon and book make me feel that I'm not alone. Books and the view of the ocean are my escape. Hope you enjoyed reading! Keep safe! 😊❤️

Third photo not mine.

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Haiku time with Eunhye hehe nice!